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Sweets Forest: Jiyugaoka 自由が丘 スイーツフォレスト Bakery / Jiyugaoka

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Sweets Forest is a dessert theme-park located near Jiyugaoka station. There's eight different stores from which you can pick your dose of sugar, with offerings that range between souffles, crepes, Hong Kong sweets and ice creams. The rest of the building also has sweets stores that offer chocolates, Italian sweets and more.

Categories Bakery , Cafes , Japanese Sweets & Cafes
Nearest Station Jiyugaoka
Address 2-25-7 Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5731-6600
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours 10am-8pm
Price Dinner: 1,000-1,999yen
Occasion Good for Date, Family, Solo, Group

2 Reviews for Sweets Forest: Jiyugaoka

  • Sweets Forest: Jiyugaoka
  • (2009-04-26)
  • Oh dear. Sweets Forest lulls you inside with its over the top decor and promise of a dessert lovers paradise. Inside there are several different stations with people making various over priced treats. The cakes and puddings all seemed a little sloppy and I could not get over the crepes, which cost about 1000 yen each. The atmosphere inside was so intense it wasn't even comfortable. My waffler was ... Read More

  • Sweets Forest
  • (2008-08-17)
  • I've been there couple of times, but I'd say it is nothing special. Inside, there are 8 sweets shops packed in a space which is not so wide. I prefer going to Namja Town better. The good thing about Sweets Forest is that no entrance fee is charged. It's not a bad place to visit if you stop by Jiyugaoka, since there aren't any entertainig places around here.
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