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Cafe Chez Lui カフェ・シェリュイ Cafes / Daikanyama

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  • Not bad, I like the food here quite a lot.
  • (2009-01-23)
  • Chez Lui Cafe is actually diagonally across from Chez Lui Patisserie. If you're looking for it, just find the enormous, fake, plastic palm tree and you should be able to see it.

    Like all other cafes, Chez Lui serves both coffee, tea, and a variety of other drinks. You can choose to "take out" a small section of baked goods, but I would suggest going to the Patisserie instead! (read my review on that) (^_-)~*

    However, unlike all other cafes, Chez Lui specializes in dining-in, and all their lunch options (from which there is a lot to choose from) are made fresh and prepared with great care. One of my favourites is the Smoked Salmon on fresh rye, topped with Capers, lettuce, and cream cheese (so delicious). Smoke Salmon sandwiches are a delicacy for me, since I didn't really get a chance to eat much when I was younger. I've tried a few shops and while I would say my taste buds have not had the time to become attuned to all the little nuances of Smoked Salmon dishes, I would still rate this dish at Chez Lui at the top. Vancouver's Granville Island comes in at a close second. Chez Lui Cafe gets a 4-star rating mostly because of this dish.

    Anyways, this shop is not particular cheap considering the type of food and quantity you get, but this is one of those cafes that I don't mind paying a premium for. Only for the food, mind you. The coffee, on the other hand, left something to be desired. Expect to spend about 1000 to 1500 yen for a heavy "snack" and a coffee (espresso, blends, lattes, etc). They have good roasts, but it's just somehow not as satisfying as Zoka Coffee.

    Overall impressions: a nice, friendly, dine-in cafe, can get very busy, rustic atmosphere, great food, coffee just okay.
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