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Jean Paul Hevin: Roppongi ジャン=ポール・エヴァン Cafes / Roppongi

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  • Jean Paul Hevin: Roppongi
  • (2010-03-21)
  • Walked past Jean-Paul Hevin's and immediately fell prey to his chocolate lure. The Mont Blanc on the menu outside had me in a trance, but I was pressed for time. I promised myself I'd come back. Though I was in a rush to make my train, I sat down had a warm chocolate drink (which I found quite bitter for my taste). But the Mont Blanc here was... no no, there just aren't words to describe it.

    JP Hevin's misses one star for their slightly frigid staff that lacks the warmth their chocolate emits. But please do indulge here, for the chocolate is heaven meets your spoon full of smiles.
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  • Jean Paul Hevin: Roppongi
  • (2008-07-07)
  • Tokyo attracts world-renowned pastry chefs from the world over, and Jean Paul Hevin is one more of this exclusive list that opened boutiques in Japan.

    Jean Paul Hevin’s specialty is chocolate. He sources some of the best cacao beans from around the world and crafts them into beautiful truffles and other sweets. His reputation is that no chocolate sits on the shelves for more than three days before they throw them away.

    His resume is impressive: he was awarded the Meilleur Ouvrier de France award (best craftman in France) in the confectionery category, and spent seven years working side-by-side with another heavyweight chef from Frace, Joël Robuchon.

    We visited his store in Tokyo Midtown and there was a perpetual line to get in. We finally secured a table and ordered a coffee and chocolate mousse and a bitter chocolate cake. The bitter cake was excellent ? a moist sponge covered with some of the best dark-chocolate ganache I’ve ever tasted. The mousse, however, was too sweet for my taste and needed some more coffee to balance all the sugar they added.

    Jean Paul Hevin’s stores are designed to impress, and this would be a great date spot (not to mention the supposedly aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate!). The Tokyo Midtown and Omotesando branches have a full tea-service complete with light lunches, while the branch at Isetan works as a chocolate boutique. Be sure to come in small groups because it will be difficult to get a table.
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