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Zoka: Mejiro ゾッカコーヒー 目白店 Cafes / Ikebukuro

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  • Zoka: Mejiro
  • (2008-12-11)
  • I'm always happy to visit this cafe because all the staff are always smiling, what seems to be genuine, smiles. The coffee is usually very good, but leaves an odd aftertaste at times. This cafe also specializes in simple cafe art. On the second level there is a counter where you can do some people watching, as it faces Mejiro station. If you venture further in there are a few comfy couches available if you want to read your book or a newspaper.
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  • Excellent lattes
  • (2008-07-29)
  • I worked as a barista for a while, and watching somebody murder a latte makes me cringe. At Zoka, however, I want to jump behind the machine and learn from their baristas, because they’re damn good.

    I’ve tried most of the menu at Zoka, and pretty much anything liquid is awesome...latte, espresso, clover coffee, etc., all of it is top-notch.

    The lunch special is not bad either, with a panini sandwich and small scoop of ice cream (900 yen).

    What I’d definitely stay away from are the pastries -- they’re in desperate need of a proper pastry chef! The scones are so dry they suck all the saliva out of your mouth in the blink of an eye; the muffins fare equally bad, while the cakes have been all crappy.

    If you like a proper espresso bar, I can only recommend this place...absolutely awesome coffee! (They have two branches in Tokyo (mejiro and akasaka) plus one in Yokohama.
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