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Chin Mabotofu 中国名菜 陳麻婆豆腐 Chinese / Akasaka

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  • Chin Mabotofu
  • (2007-07-17)
  • Everyone from Akasaka seemed to want to eat at Chen Mabo around lunchtime - the wait can be up to a half hour, since the place only has 5 or 6 tables. The menu is fairly simple - an "A" lunch set or "B" lunch set, plus 2 or 3 more options that my friend didn't translate for me. I ordered mabo tofu and my friend ordered eggplant.
    The mabo tofu was bright red from the spice. I usually can handle fairly spicy food, but this was quite a shock for Tokyo - my eyes started tearing up and I was blowing my nose for 20 minutes after. Interestingly, my friend's eggplant dish wasn't spicy at all - slightly sweet and sour. Trading back and forth helped ease the pain. I haven't had many changes to eat high quality Sichuan Chinese food, but Chen Mabo was pretty good. My lunch set, which went for 1,050 yen, included rice and eggdrop soup.
    Chen Mabo is quite cozy; the atmosphere is bright an talkative. I'd go back again.
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