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Harajuku Gyoza Rou 原宿餃子楼 Chinese / Harajuku

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  • Excellent gyoza
  • (2013-03-17)
  • By far, one of the best places I have eaten since i've been in Tokyo. They have two different styles of gyoza, pan-fried and boiled. Although, they have regular and garlic & leek to choose from in both categories. For pan-fied, I stick with the original. Though, for the boiled, I go with the garlic & leek. Both are excellent choices. The key is to mix up your dipping sauce. They have hot pepper oil, soy, and rice wine vinegar on the counter. I go with a mixture of about 3-4 spoonfuls of the hot pepper oil and 1 part soy to 4 parts vinegar. AWESOME flavor!!! Oh, and don't forget the soup and rice. I went with my nephew a couple of times and he loves rice so I let him have the rice but the soup was delicious. Also, do not forget to order the bean sprouts with meat sauce. Great flavor in the meat sauce. All this, 3 orders (6 each) of gyoza, soup and rice, and the bean sprouts with meat sauce all for less than 20 bucks american with the exchange rate is a fantastic deal. Also, the wait really isn't that bad when you consider the deal and flavor you will experience.
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  • Harajuku Gyoza - No.1 in Tokyo
  • (2009-05-15)
  • Shop is located in a side street close to Harajuku station, you should follow the delicious smell of grilled Gyoza.

    You have to consider 10-15 min. waiting time, but it's value for money. For me the best Gyoza shop in Tokyo. The shop atmosphere very unique and to sit and watch the people enjoying snacks & conversation really nice.

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  • It was good, but I've had better...
  • (2009-01-14)
  • This is a great place for dumplings and small appitizers, but not for lunch.

    I'm a bit biased since I've had much better dumplings in China, but for what it was, Gyoza Rou was pretty decent. The menu gives you a choice of two styles of dumplings, one is pan-fried and one is boiled. Both are very good, but the portions are FREAKING tiny - not a place to fill up. I would need at least 3 orders to feel somewhat full and even though it's cheap (about 300 or 400 yen per order), I don't consider that a good deal. FYI, I've had better tasting, bigger and cheaper dumplings in Ikebukuro.

    There's about 5 or 6 other appitizers and a drink menu to choose from, but that's it. The line is always long at lunch time and after work, so if you go, try the shop around 2 pm or after 10 pm (I'll admit that this is a great drinking place).

    The texture and taste of the dumplings is what keeps this review as a 3.5 star and not a 2.5 star. It really is something special, the crispyness of the pan-fried dumplings and the freshness of the boiled ones. But as I've had better dumplings in China, this shop only gets a 3.5.
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  • Harajuku Gyoza Rou
  • (2009-01-09)
  • A few years ago, this place didn't have such ridiculously bad line-ups. Then some foreigners 'discovered' the place and it was mentioned in a bunch of guide books and now getting a few delicious gyoza without a long wait is darned near impossible. The wait might be worth it if you haven't had gyoza before and want to try it, but there are plenty of mom and pop ramen places with equally good gyoza. If the line is too long to tolerate, there is a decent Thai place just across the alley on the 2nd floor.
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  • Harajuku Gyouza Rou
  • (2008-06-30)
  • This hole in the wall Gyoza restaurant can be found in Omotesando, amidst all kinds of shopping and other tourist activities. Don't be discouraged by the look of the place because the gyoza here is INCREDIBLE. There is usually a line so get there early and expect to wait for a little while. The wait is definitely worth the delicious food. This is a great casual lunch-time place while you're out shopping, or a good place to take people visiting Tokyo. The staff is casual and the food is great. Enjoy!
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  • Harajuku Gyoza Rou
  • (2008-01-11)
  • This really is a great spot in Harajuku. It wasn't that crowded when I went a little before lunch time on Friday as I beat the rush. I ordered moyashi (bean sprouts), rice, and gyouza and it was a fabulous meal for such a low cost. The restaurant is definitely very foreigner friendly with the English menu and even when I was there, there were many other foreigners as well. This secret has been let out to everyone! But it makes sense as it's well worth it and some of the best gyouza I've had so far in Tokyo.
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  • Harajuku Gyoza Rou
  • (2007-11-19)
  • This is one of my favorite restaurant in Tokyo!
    They always have queue. but I don't mind waiting.because deserve it!
    I usually order 5 dishes gyoza and cucumber and cabbage and rise and soup.(for 2 people). It costs are 2000 yen- 2500 yen. It's good price.
    They have english menu,too. Try this restaurant and You will love it!
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  • good gyoza, good beer!
  • (2007-10-17)
  • My first visit here was on a hot summer day. I was exausted and wanted to have a drink to ease my thirst. Then, my girlfriend took me to this restaurant and saw a long waiting line. I've always thought that a restaurant with a waiting line is an outstanding place, and it was true. After 15 minutes of waiting, we were guided to counter seats. On the way to our seats, gyoza and beer caught my eye and they aroused my appetite. The menu were written on the wall so I ordered immediately. Before gyoza was ready, I had a cucumber and a beer, and they were satisfying enough to forget the tiredness. Then, came the gyoza. I am a fan of gyoza, and it was probably the best I've had before. I couldn't stop reaching my chopsticks and it matched perfectly with beer. One dish comes with 5 gyoza and it only costed \290 so we had quite a lot.
    The restaurant is mainly counter seats with only about 3 table seats for 4. I recommend visiting here with a partner. I can't wait to go there again.
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  • Harajuku Gyoza Rou
  • (2007-06-27)
  • Any place that has the menu painted on the wall in red and yellow paint has to be worth a second look. Gyoza rou is one of those places. There's a large horseshoe shaped counter that dominates the restaurant. If you sit there, you can watch the gyoza chefs work their magic. And trust me, it is magic. Gyoza itself is one of those foods that's its own kind of heaven to eat. This restaurant does it well, and the line out front attests to this fact. The menu is simple and easy to understand. You either order steamed gyoza or pan fried gyoza, both of which I recommend, and then pick some sides to go with it. That phrase, “trust me, you can't go wrong here” is over used, but it really applies here. Everything they offer is good. There isn't really much variety, but the things they do, they do really well. It's also deliciously inexpensive. A plate of six dumplings costs 290 yen, and sides are 180 yen. This restaurant is well known among foreigners as well.
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