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Min Min: Nakano 珉珉 Chinese / Nakano

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Categories Chinese
Nearest Station Nakano
Address Hirai Bldg.1F, 5-55-17 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3388-6066
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours Mon-Fri 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-11:00pm; Sat-Sun 11:30am-11:00pm
Price Lunch: 0-999yen Dinner: 1,000-1,999yen
Occasion Good for Family, Group

1 Review for Min Min: Nakano

  • Min Min: Nakano
  • (2008-03-10)
  • If you are looking for some great crab fried rice and dumplings, this is the place to come. It seems that the restaurant is best known for those two signature dishes. When you dine there, if ordering seems overwhelming with the vast menu, they have a top 10 ordered dishes menu with dumplings and crab fried rice at the top. There are also a lot of set menus, one naturally being the crab fried ri... Read More
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