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Mawashi Sushi Katsu: Meguro 回し寿司 活  Conveyor Belt Sushi / Meguro

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  • Only if you can write kanji
  • (2010-08-10)
  • It's a good kaitenzushi bar... if you speak/read/write japanese. The selection on the belt is quiet limited, you have to ask for all the good nigiris. There's a menu, you write down (in japanese) what would you like to eat, hand the paper to the chef who will make it for you.
    So if you go there because you want to or have to see the sushi to be able to choose then choose another place or go there with a japanese friend.
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  • Mawashi Sushi Katsu
  • (2007-09-25)
  • Even though I'll eat almost anything, there still come moments when some forgotten part of me screams that I shouldn't be eating what ever it is I'm about to savor. I get a wicked pleasure out of that, and when I can couple it with the fun of kaitenzushi, it equates to a good time. Mawashi Sushi has plenty of items on the menu that provoke that pesky, “should I really be eating this” question. For instance, they have basashi, which came as a surprise to me: it's horse sushi. You can also try anago or fukahire, or shark fin sushi, which is actually rather bland. Also, be sure to try the salmon roe wrapped in a salmon fillet. At the same time, they have all the goodies that normal kaitenzushi bars have. If you guarantee that Mawashi Sushi will have a line backed out the door on the weekends, but it's still worth the wait. I and two friends rang up a 4000 yen bill, which isn't bad at all for three people on a Friday night. We weren't scrimping either; we had uni, anago, and sharkfin, as well as the old standards. The atmosphere has a clean but mass produced feel, which is kind of unfortunate given the quality of the food. Tables are at a premium, so if you don't want to stave while you're waiting, opt for a counter seat.
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