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Tsukiji Honten 築地本店 Conveyor Belt Sushi / Shibuya

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Do you want to eat 1 plate (2 pieces) of uni (sea urchin) or toro (fatty tuna) for 105 yen? The main branch of Tsukiji Sushi-Go-Round (Kaitenzushi Tsukiji Honten) has all their plates at 105 yen. That’s pretty cheap. Make that really cheap. The flavor of their sushi and their customer service are nothing spectactular, but it’s not unpleasant. Just eating one plate of pretty typical sushi at 105 yen, though, is pretty awesome. It’s common for there to be a line around dinner time, so we recommend timing your visit in order to avoid the crowds.

Categories Conveyor Belt Sushi
Nearest Station Shibuya
Address 24-8 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3464-1178
Business Hours 11:00am-11:00pm
Price Lunch: 0-999yen Dinner: 0-999yen
Occasion Good for Solo, Group

7 Reviews for Tsukiji Honten

  • Tsukiji Honten
  • (2019-12-14)

  • Tsukiji Honten
  • (2012-06-23)
  • I don't want to disturb anyone, but I have a special request to make. My father is a pilot, working at Air France Company, and we both used to go to Tokyo, where we used to eat sushi, in this marvelous restaurant. Whereas a few weeks ago, I heard that tsukiji honten was closed. I am quite desesperate, because one of the sushimakers (cooker) was a friend of mine, and I would like to find him, becau... Read More

  • A good place to know
  • (2008-12-04)
  • I go very often to this one. Prices had increased and it's 120 yen for a plate now. There's always people there, so be prepared to wait a bit ! You have to eat in 30 minutes but honestly, you don't have to rush. Is it a best kaiten (conveyor belt) ? It does the job. Fish is fresh and you have the choice so, if it's certainly not the best, it's a place that I highly recommend, especially for touri... Read More

  • Tsukiji Honten
  • (2008-10-05)
  • it wasn't as crowed as i thought it would be from the descriptions. i went at around 4 PM on a saturday. got a seat right away, a few other people there, so we could actually take a little time. there are also instructions in english: 7 plates required for 20 minutes, 10 plates gives you 30 minutes. have to ask for water if you want any. they also have a menu in english, but it's not updated. i me... Read More

  • Hit and miss
  • (2008-01-04)
  • This kaiten sushi bar must be in all of the tourist guide books because I've been asked by foreigners of all types for directions to this popular location. Sushi here is hit and miss in my honest opinion. I've had decent sushi, and I've had bargain basement freezer sushi. In my experience here, the basic rules are 7 dishes minimum in a 30 minute time frame. That makes it just about the best ... Read More

  • Tsukiji Honten
  • (2007-10-02)
  • Tsukiji Honten delivers some of the best value for money among sushi restaurants in Tokyo. All the sushi is 100yen per plate and every plate comes with two pieces. The lineup to get in is long, but moves quickly thanks to their eating rules-you have a maximum of 30 minutes at the counter and must consume at least seven plates within that frame. The sushi chefs are very hospitable and prone to ... Read More

  • Tsukiji Honten
  • (2007-06-14)
  • Located a block away from Shibuya station, Tsukiji Honten is a great place to eat inexpensive sushi and have lots of fun doing it. The entire restaurant is filled with an enormous circular conveyor belt groaning with sushi plates. Chefs scurry around the inside, taking orders and piling on dishes; customers sit on the outer edge, spectating and chatting. The scene (yes, this sushi restaurant has... Read More

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