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CoCo Ichi: Akasaka CoCo壱番屋 Curry / Akasaka

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  • CoCo Ichi: Akasaka
  • (2008-12-12)
  • Coco Ichi is always a good choice if your in the mood for curry, although it is a little bit more pricey than its competitors.

    One of my favorite "sides" is the cream crab croquettes. But their chicken is also very good. All of the "sides" are made after you order it, so it is very fresh. Another bonus is that you can customize your order according to how much rice you would like, how spicy you want the curry to be and you can even mix and match several "side" choices.

    However, I would stick to the curry dishes only. The salad I ordered did not seem overly fresh nor was the sauce very good.
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  • CoCo Ichi: Akasaka
  • (2008-05-11)
  • Good, honest grub. The English menu makes ordering a breeze. Do yourself a favour and get the hand-prepared cutlets: they're bigger and thus well-suited for Western appetites.

    If you're hungry, you'll need a starter/appetizer as well as a main/entree. Portions, while generous, are still Japanese size. An appy and an entree will run you about JPY 1200 if you go for one of the larger cutlets. Stick with the water, and it's a steal of a deal.

    Good find!
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  • CoCo Ichi: Akasaka
  • (2007-06-17)
  • Coco Ichibanya ("Coco Ichi" in Tokyo dialect) is the most famous budget curry rice in Tokyo. It's not quite fast-food because its sit down, but its in that category. You can choose from several different permutations of vegetable, chicken, pork, or beef curry, with plates starting at around 700 yen. I tried a side salad as well, which was decent - dark greens with a wafu dressing. The cool thing about Coco Ichi is that you can add toppings to your curry to great effect: my friend added spinach and cheese (of all things) to his chicken curry for a few yen, and received a very unique and tasty dish.
    Coco Ichi usually has both bar seats and booths, so it's easy to take families too. No spoken or written English, but the whole menu is in photographs.
    Curry rice fast food is pretty popular in and around train stations, but if you spot a Coco Ichi I'd recommend going there, since there's much more variety. Signs are bright yellow and brown.
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