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Aimee Vibert: Kojimachi エメ・ヴィベール French / Ichigaya

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  • Does not deserve 2 stars Michelin
  • (2011-04-08)
  • Nearly every meal we had at Aimee Vibert was flawed in some way.. Mine was lobster

    Confit de foie gras de canard landes, chutney de figue has an overpowering block of fois gras even if you have toast to put it on it should not been used alone.

    The soup choices
    Demi-gelée de crustacés au crème de betterave and Crème ďoursin en cappuccino- could have been delicious but contained some bitter silt or jelly on the bottom.

    Both fish were wrong- one had beautiful but tasteless white fish with ugly sauce and the other was ugly and had strange tasting fish.

    We had duck (with sauce) and lamb and both were good but the vegetable complementation was poor.

    My chocolate desert mousse tasted like cocoa- beautiful tasty otherwise and my wife I think got the wrong desert as it should have had macadamia nuts and Grand Marnier sauce. They did a nice job on dedicating it to our wedding anniversary.

    Its pathetic that you have no choice of coffee or tea (English) and the waiter made such a fuss about whether I wanted milk or sugar even though we served ourselves.

    The bread rolls which varied through meal were all great.

    Only the grapefruit sorbet palate cleanser and Mignardises et Café ou Thé which are given after coffee were fabulous.
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