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Pierre Gagnaire French / Tameikesanno

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  • Pierre Gagnaire
  • (2017-01-26)
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  • Amazing!
  • (2012-07-09)
  • The food and service was very delicious at Pierre Gagnaire. If I were you, I'd go for the basic Apinac menu with the premium main dish of a Japanese Beef Tenderloin (+4,500 yen surcharge) instead of the Esquisse menu (more courses) of the same price if you factor in the surcharge with the Apinac menu price. Here's my blog post for a more in-depth review:
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tokyo lady

  • I have found Heaven on Earth
  • (2010-09-28)
  • Heavenly experience. Delicious and wonderfully presented food at Pierre Gagnaire. The service is impeccable. WOW!
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