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Sakana Takewaka さかな竹若 築地本店 Fugu / Tsukiji

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At this authentic and refined fish restaurant you'll initially be greeted by kimono clad waitresses. This is followed by the visually impressive fish tank filled with a variety of sea life. Finally, the fresh sashimi artistically adorn each plate (if you order a set course menu for dinner the fish are still alive on your plate!). You can have an assorted selection of fresh raw fish including fugu and anko, as well as anything else that is available that day. If you want an authentically Japanese experience or are tired with the sushi offerings in Tsukiji then this is your place. A 10% service charge is added for dinner.

Categories Fugu , Traditional Japanese
Nearest Station Tsukiji
Address Tsukiji KY Bldg. B1F, 4-7-5 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5565-0888
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours closed Sun
Price Lunch: 1,000-1,999yen Dinner: 10,000-14,999yen
Occasion Good for Family, Group, Business
  • Ito-ya
  • Cards & Stationery
  • ( Ginza )
  • Kuya
  • Japanese Sweets
  • ( Ginza )
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