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Mumbai Indian Restaurant ムンバイ Indian & South Asian / Yotsuya

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  • Mumbai Indian Restaurant
  • (2009-07-03)
  • Decent Indian food place. They have a pretty large selection of curries. The was a chicken, a vegetable, beef and a prawn and mushroom. I got the daily special which was with chicken and daichon. If you order the lunch set for 890-1090 you can get a curry and either naan or rice. The naan is ginormous, too big, good but covered with oil. For an extra 100 yen you can get another order of naan or rice, which I would recommend. if your a student, you get a complimentary drink. The servers were attentive and we weren't rushed or made to feel uncomfortable. Overall, a very pleasant dining experience.
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  • Mumbai
  • (2009-05-25)
  • This was an excellent place to spend my lunch hour. I ordered the Ladies' Set, which included a small salad, two small plates of curry, a large piece of naan, and dessert--all for 990Yen. The staff was incredibly friendly (I think they are particularly friendly toward foreign women) and I even got a Mango Lassi on the house. The food was decadent and full of flavor. The atmosphere was also pleasant--they had Indian music playing in the background, and had a Bollywood movie showing on the screen behind me. I sat in one of the tables near the window so I could watch passerbys. I left happy and full. I highly recommend this restaurant.
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  • Mumbai Indian Restaurant
  • (2008-07-09)
  • The curry wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. A solid place to eat lunch while watching Bollywood clips, but nothing worth a detour.

    I got the set lunch with the vegetable curry and nan. I got there towards the end of service and they were out of lassi, so I ended up getting a mango lassi instead (1,090 for the whole set).

    The curry was creamy, and my nan was dripping in butter, which is always a good thing. The salad dressing was also unique and fiery (I think they used tandoor spices).

    A good choice if you’re in the area, but for good Indian cooking, I still prefer northern Ikebukuro.
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  • Indian curry!
  • (2008-07-01)
  • This was a breath of fresh air from the curry I had been eating here. I like Japanese curry but it's not the same as a good Dal Curry or something that's more Indian! It's pretty cheap for lunch (I've never been there for dinner time) and you'll leave full and happy. The Naan is also ~AMAZING~! If you like curry and Indian flavors this is a good restaurant to check out! I highly reccomend the Ladies Set at lunch time (boys can get it too! hehe) which gives you two curries, half a naan, half serving of rice and a dessert! It's a good deal and you can try a lot of different things! Mango Lassi goes well with everything on the menu!!!
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  • Real Indian Food!
  • (2008-05-03)
  • I came here for lunch with a friend and got the best Indian food I've had in Tokyo.
    Well, first things first:
    The restaurant can be reached from either of two streets (so the main road that JR Yotsuya station is on, or the smaller alley behind it. It's on the second floor, so the only way you know it exists is the sign placed on the sidewalk.
    The place is pretty dark and there is a screen and projector (very high-tech) on the wall showing Bollywood music videos (mostly the classics, both new and old).
    I got the Ladies Set (980 yen), which included two curries (I chose the vegetable curry and the dal curry), rice, a huge naan, and a sweet (a mango soup with canned fruit floating in it). The choices weren't the most exotic but they were very authentic and tasted great. And the whole spread was pretty filling; I was barely able to finish it all and I had to skip dinner later too.
    They have a lot of sets, for lunch and for dinner; they also have some all-you-can-eat sets where you get unlimited curry, naan, rice, and dessert for between 2000 yen and 3700 yen.
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