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De'Longhi Ernesto L'osteria Italian / Daikanyama

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De'Longhi is a well-known Italian appliance maker that opened a small complex in Daikanyama to showcase its products and what you can do with them. On the first floor you'll find an authentic Italian restaurant with live music. On the second floor you can get a hands-on feel for DeLonghi's products at their interactive shop. They also have private rooms where they hold cooking lessons as well as espresso demonstrations. Inquire with them for a schedule and details.

Categories Italian
Nearest Station Daikanyama
Address Daikanyama Plaza Bldg. 1F, 24-7 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5428-4631
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours Mon, Wed-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, 6:00pm-11:00pm; Sat-Sun11:30am-5:00pm, 6:00pm-11:00pm
Price Lunch: 1,000-1,999yen
Occasion Good for Date, Group
Credit Cards Yes
  • Introduction

  • Dinner

  • Lunch

  • Our concept is to create a space where customers can experience Italy with all their senses. The restaurant was designed after a theater, where customers play the leading role in the entertainment of "eating."

  • The space is simple and clean, with a playful use of color that you will immediately recognize as Italian. The finishing touch is a piano that provides live performances to enhance the atmosphere.

  • Our executive chef comes from Italy who puts out the best of every season without succumbing to fashionable trends. Our food is traditional with a modern touch and sparing use of oil and cream to keep it healthier. We make a conscious effort to source local ingredients.

    We hold regular events, such as cooking classes, live music, seminars and more.

    We look forward to your visit so you can participate in the magic and show of eating.

  • Appetizer
  • -Dried cod fish "Vicenza style" with polenta and porcini mushrooms
1,900 yen
  • -Assorted Italian salami with buffalo mozzarella cheese
1,900 yen
  • -Stuffed rabbit with roasted pepper sauce and seasonal grilled vegetables
1,700 yen
  • -Chilled green pea soup with ricotta cheese
1,100 yen
  • -Mixed Salad with baby leaves and seasonal herbs
1,300 yen
  • Primi Piatti
  • -Homemade Pappardelle with smoked vegetables, herb pesto and sea bream
1,900 yen
  • -Homemade ravioli with beet and ricotta cheese, poppy seeds and butter sauce
1,800 yen
  • -Homemade "bigoli" with sauteed onion and anchovy sauce
1,700 yen
  • -Risotto with selection of mushrooms 1,900 yen Garganelli with green peas, ham and fresh cream sauce
1,500 yen
  • -Spaghetti with minced shrimp and bell peppers topped with "botan shrimp"
1,800 yen
  • Secondi Piatti
Il Pesce / Fish
  • -Pan-fried "Itoyori" with dried tomatoes, fresh oregano and eggplant sauce
2,200 yen
  • -Grilled black sea bream with seasonal vegetables and lemon dressing
2,000 yen
Le Carni / Meat
  • -Grilled Milk lamb with cherry sauce
2,600 yen
  • -Japanese beef tenderloin with "Amarone" red wine sauce
4,500 yen
  • Courses
  • Cena De'longhi's
4,800 yen
  • -Antipasto Misto
  • -Primo Piatto / Pasta
  • -Secondo Piatto / Main dish
  • -Dolce / Dessert
  • Cena De'Longhi's
6,800 yen
  • -Antipasto Misto / Appetizer
  • -Primo Piatto / Pasta
  • -Secondo Piatto / Meat or Fish
  • -Dolce / Dessert

Please check our web site for other menus and details.
-> De' Longhi's home page

  • De'Longhi's Pasta Lunch
1,200 yen
  • *1,500 yen on weekends and holidays; includes an aperitivo
  • -Salad or Soup
  • -Today's Pasta (two choices)
  • -Dessert
  • -Coffee
  • De'Longhi's Lunch
2,500 yen
  • *2,800 yen on weekends and holidays; includes an aperitivo
  • -Assorted appetizers
  • -Today's pasta
  • -Today's fish or meat
  • -Dessert
  • -Coffee
  • Chef's special lunch
5,000 yen
  • *5,500 yen on weekends and holidays; includes an aperitivo
  • -Appetizer
  • -Today's pasta or risotto
  • -Today's fish
  • -Today's meat
  • -Dessert
  • -Coffee

Please check our web site for other menus and details.
-> De' Longhi's home page

6 Reviews for De'Longhi Ernesto L'osteria

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  • (2019-04-22)

  • Coffee machine restaurant
  • (2008-02-16)
  • We recently went to see Mike Price and his jazz band over brunch buffet (7,500yen/person) at De'Longhi's. De'Longhi's attempts to recreate the experience of being in a theater, with visitors expected to assume the role of protagonists who have embarked on a culinary journey of discovery. Ambiance comes in the form of a grand piano located in the corner of the room, which brings a sense of sere... Read More
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