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Dendenden でんでんでん   Izakaya / Akasaka

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Look carefully for the colorful "Den Den Den" sign on an alley off of Hitotsuki Street. Den Den Den izakaya serves traditional chicken from Miyazaki - "Chicken nan-ban" and "Hiyajiru teishoku" for example. Lunch is usually around 1,000yen, and Den Den Den gets quite crowded at 12:30pm - it's best to avoid this time. A wide selection of shochu to choose from.

Categories Izakaya
Nearest Station Akasaka
Address Tani Bldg.2F, 3-14-7Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5561-9811
Business Hours Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:00pm, 5:30pm-12:00pm; Sat 5:30pm-11:00pm; closed Sun
Price Lunch: 0-999yen Dinner: 3,000-3,999yen
Occasion Good for Group
Credit Cards Yes

2 Reviews for Dendenden

  • Dendenden
  • (2007-12-16)
  • I went to Dendenden to welcome my American friend visiting Tokyo. Since it was his third visit to Tokyo, I took him to the local dish restaurant. Be noted that this is not the place for a non-Japanese who come to Japan for the first time since the food here is a bit different from so-called Izakaya food in that it is too local. If you or you guest wants to experience local dishes, particularly ... Read More

  • Dendenden
  • (2007-06-01)
  • Izakaya are wonderful places in general, but DenDenDen is a really nice place in and of itself. Except for the skyscrapers visible out the window, you'll think that you've walked into a bar in the middle of old Edo. The tables and walls wooden, and the whole place exudes and ambient mellowness. Of course, the idea behind izakaya is to take a big group of friends, eat big, drink big, and have a bi... Read More

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