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Kumpu Hanarei 薫風花麗 Izakaya / Roppongi

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Categories Izakaya , Traditional Japanese
Nearest Station Roppongi
Address 4-8-3-2F Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5772-3279 
Business Hours 6:00ppm-0:00am
Price Dinner: 6,000-6,999yen
Occasion Good for Date, Group, Business
Credit Cards Yes

1 Review for Kumpu Hanarei

  • Kumpu Hanarei
  • (2007-10-04)
  • Walking around Ropongi, you would probably not realize the hidden jewel on the second and third floor of this common looking building. If you are adventurous and willing to experience authentic Japanese cuisine where even the menus are in Japanese only (no pictures) and dishes can be custom made per request, this is the place to be. The service is impeccable. Friendly staff greets you from the mom... Read More

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