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Tsuki no Yume: Shibuya 月の夢 Izakaya / Shibuya

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  • Tsuki no Yume: Shibuya
  • (2009-07-07)
  • I only found this Izakaya because someone was handing out flyers for it. They had a nomihodai, or all you can drink, deal going on at the time. It was 1300 yen for 2 hours, or 1000 yen for an hour. Included in this was beer, sake and cocktails. The drinks were generous and you could order and be drinking multiple drinks at a time. There was also a 300 yen per person table charge. There was complimentary edamame included with the nomihodai, but no other provided food. The food was rather expensive, but what I ate of it was pretty good. After our time was up we were strongly strongly encouraged to leave, they almost took away our unfinished drinks
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