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Uoshin: Shibuya 魚真 Izakaya / Shibuya

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Uoshin: Shibuya
  • English Speakers on staff!
  • Menu in English available!

Uoshin is a popular restaurant for enjoying fresh fish with a good drink, located right up the hill of Dogenzaka in Shibuya. It's endured the izakaya bar-battle of Shibuya for ten years now, and is still going strong. Famous for the well-chosen fish, Uoshin gets crowded early. It's best to make reservations as far in advance as possible. The interior consists of only counters and tables. The ambience is clutter-free and down-to-earth. The fish attracts a wide range of customers, young and old, locals and foreigners. Uoshin is a Shibuya jewel, reminding one of just how delicious a simple fish can taste.

Categories Izakaya
Nearest Station Shibuya
Address Shimada Bldg. 1F, 2-25-5 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3464-3000
Business Hours 5:00pm-12:30am
Price Dinner: 4,000-4,999yen
Occasion Good for Date, Group
All you can drink Yes

1 Review for Uoshin: Shibuya

  • Love or hate
  • (2007-12-31)
  • Located in the Love Hotel quadrant of Shibuya, you will find this Izakaya (Japanese pub) on the left side right after rounding Starbucks. I'd have to agree with Yoshi on his comments with the Nogizaka branch: one should visit an Izakaya and the service is a bit slow (presumably to get you to consume more beer). Our visit was actually postponed a few times. So the anticipation was on. ... Read More

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  • Uoshin: Nogizaka
  • (2007-10-15)
  • If you stay in Tokyo only for a few days, I recommend you eat out here. The early Show era (around 1950 -60) atmosphere, fresh sashimi and sushi (I guess all fish is sent directly from Tsukiji fish market everyday), lots of Japanese appetizers and sake, and its location (5 min walk from Roppongi!!). Plus, English menu is available. If it's not winter,m you should book a table outside (like a terra... Read More

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