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Lotteria Fast Food / Shibuya

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  • Lotteria
  • (2009-04-28)
  • The hanjuku Tamateri burger is pretty good (半熟タマてり), the teriyaki beef patty goes well with the oozing egg yolk.
    My boyfriend loves the zeppin bacon burger.
    In my opinon it's better than Burger king or Mac Donalds.
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  • Lotteria
  • (2009-01-18)
  • your typical fast food joint; pretty much the same selection as MickyD's, as mentioned by Wiki. I guess, if you want to act in defiance of the McD corporation, you can go ahead and pop in here.

    I'm rather a fan of their 100 yen menu, altho you really can't beat Wendy's in that department. Still, chocolate pie (derivative i suppose of the apple pie), chicken snacks (variation of the chicken nugget?), and the typical hamburger. The thing I dislike about Lotteria is the Japanese factor; that is, the size is pretty much like MosBurger or FirstKitchen, and it's just not the same.

    To each their own, I'd suggest trying something first, see how ya like it. Breakfast is cheaper, but has less options (compare 5 morning sets, 4 of which is burgers to 10 lunch sets) Apparently you can print coupons out, but i'm not so sure about the procedure or validity. it might be simpler to just send the coupon to your mobile. combine up to 3 or something like that.
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