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Mos Burger: Shinjuku モスバーガー Fast Food / Shinjuku

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Mos Burger: Shinjuku
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Categories Fast Food
Nearest Station Shinjuku
Address 7-1-8 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3362-0093
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours 24 hours (except Monday between 12am-6am)
Price Lunch: 0-999yen

1 Review for Mos Burger: Shinjuku

  • Mos Burger: Shinjuku
  • (2009-08-15)
  • Mos burger kick ass, plain and simple; the reviews below can easily be attributed to americans trying to bring their culture over here... Anyways, Mos Burger is definitely a stop to try true Japanese fast food culture. The burgers are amazing, salsa on one, teriyaki spice on another and with a white grape squash drink, OISHII!! Prices are very competative with McDonalds, and all have a diffe... Read More

Other reviews of the same chain

  • Mos Burger: Akihabara
  • (2009-06-30)
  • Don't go here. I wanted a burger, and I was very disappointed with what I got. It lacked flavor, and the toppings combined in a weird way. Also, I thought it was too expensive for what they gave you. I would actually rather go to McDonalds than go here again. I was completely turned off.

  • Mos Burger: Akihabara
  • (2009-04-25)
  • I don't care what anyone says. I went to Mos Burger for the first time and it was everything I wanted in a burger and more. True it was difficult to figure out the best way to get both tomato and lettuce on my burger without paying 200 extra yen, but I did. By getting the "Thousand Island Burger", so named because of the copious amounts of thousand island dressing I got a single patty lettuce and ... Read More

  • Mos Burger: Roppongi
  • (2009-01-22)
  • Great as a snack, lacking as a meal. Mos Burger's burgers are generally smaller than the average burgers in America. But the feeling the chain gives off is that it is a healthier choice than McDonald's since they offer rice burgers (the bun is made from rice rather than bread) and other filler choices such as shrimp. Take a browse through the menu, you might find something you like.

  • Mos Burger: Roppongi
  • (2008-12-04)
  • Recently Mos Burger had change their menu. They add more salads and fresh sandwiches. It reminds me some cafés in France. You also can find some burgers, yes it's Mos BURGER so it had to have burgers. I took one of them and my wife a salad and the size of the set was ok. I think average is a good adjective for this restaurant line. It's in the same group than McDonald's but with more salads !

  • Mos Burger: Ginza
  • (2008-10-28)
  • What is all the hype about this place? It is only marginally better than Wendy's and it is far more expensive to boot. Yes, I realize that Mos Burger offers a more pleasant dining experience, but let's be honest: a burger, fries and a soft drink is not a civilised, refined dining experience. I won't be back.

  • Mos Burger: Shibuya
  • (2008-10-06)
  • prices are 100 yen (not sure, but i know they had chili and some other things as cheap side purchases) - 590. i got the mos burger, which was okay. i mean, even though it has a chili symbol, it's not spicy at all, and the chili is pretty much falling out of the burger and is rather difficult to capture. the burger itself is small (at least to my american standards) and wasn't fulfilling. th... Read More

  • Mos Burger: Akihabara
  • (2007-06-07)
  • Mos Burger is interesting. It tries to be a notch above McDonald's, and it is: there's a little more variety, and its a lot c leaner. However, don't think you are getting a traditional hamburger. Mos is a classic instance of "washoku" - foreign food that has been imitated by Japanese and undergoes a unique transformation in the process. I ordered two burgers (together the size of a U.S. quarter po... Read More

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