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El Torito: Ikebukuro エル・トリート Mexican / Ikebukuro

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El Torito is an non intimidating dining option. It has a festive atmosphere and large portions served at reasonable prices. Tostada and crispy beef tacos, both 1029 yen, come with generous servings of vegetables and are recommended. Selections of Mexican beers are available, as well as extra tortillas at no extra charge. El Torito is a great place to go with your family or friends when you miss Mexican food.

Categories Mexican
Nearest Station Ikebukuro
Address Sunshine City Alba Bldg. 3F, 3-1-1Higashi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5954-7613
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours 12:00am-10:00pm
Price Lunch: 1,000-1,999yen Dinner: 2,000-2,999yen
Occasion Good for Date, Group

1 Review for El Torito: Ikebukuro

  • El Torito: Ikebukuro
  • (2010-01-04)
  • I went here mainly for the laugh-factor since it claimed to be the "original El Torito" but yet has to have "What is Mexico" information on the menu. It diverges from the menu that you'll find in El Toritos in other parts of the world and like the overview says, it'll fill you up and satisfy. But Definatly not worth the hour long wait that I endured.

Other reviews of the same chain

  • El Torito : Shinjuku
  • (2010-11-28)
  • Quite surprised to have read so many negative reviews about this one... Perhaps, under new management now because I had an excellent dining experience (being someone that detests chain restaurants, I couldn't believe myself). An exceptionally long line outside, that moved along, once seated immediately served warm fresh tortilla chips with pico de gallo salsa for dipping. Under 400 yen for most... Read More

  • El Torito : Shinjuku
  • (2008-11-17)
  • Make a reservation or enjoy the long lineup. The food is good, the set meals are large and you'll come out feeling full. They don't ever bring enough tortillas with their dishes on the first go around, but you can order more. Beer is a bit on the pricey side, for a Mexican restaurant. This is a good place to have a party, and many international couples come here on a first date.

  • El Torito : Shinjuku
  • (2008-11-09)
  • The food was excellent and the portion sizes for the set course menu for a large group was very generous. Classic tex-mex with fabulous and irresistible tortillas made from scratch in-house. Unfortunately, the drink service was pretty slow. But they have a good selection of moderately priced imported beers. And an extensive selection of cocktails: margaritas to daquiris and their own signature... Read More

  • El Torito : Shinjuku
  • (2008-02-25)
  • What has happened to my once favorite Mexican restaurant? El Torito is a US chain of Mexican restaurants which also used to operate the Omotesando branch separate from Coco's Japan. It certainly is a painful dining experience, despite the goodwill earned from its better years in the late 1990s. I remember this restaurant used to be packed with patrons, either having a drink/meal after work or... Read More

  • El Torito : Shinjuku
  • (2007-10-25)
  • Summary: The prices are high, the service poor, the food bland, and there is often a long line to boot. The primary export of El Torito is not tasty Tex-Mex food but poor, American-style service. On more than one occasion I have almost walked out. On two occasions I asked for something and didn't receive it after a long wait. A third time the wait for everything was far too long. I have receive... Read More
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