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Salsita: Hiroo Mexican / Hiroo

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Salsita: Hiroo
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Salsita is a traditional Mexican restaurant that goes to great lengths to recreate authentic Mexican flavors in Tokyo. The Japan Times review called it the best Mexican food in Tokyo, and they are rumoured to serve the best guacamole in town. Their drink menu has a wide array of tequilas, margaritas and other Latin American cocktails.

Categories Mexican
Nearest Station Hiroo
Address 4-5-65 Minami-azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3280-1145
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours 11:45am-2:15pm: 5.30pm-11:00pm
Price Dinner: 3,000-3,999yen
Occasion Good for Group, Party
Credit Cards Yes
  • Dinner

  • Drinks

  • Lunch

  • Popular Dishes
  • Mole Poblano
  • Guacamole
  • Homemade Chorizo
  • Cochinita Pibil
  • Drowned Eggs with Chorizo
  • Starters
  • - Homemade chips & salsa
600 yen
  • - Guacamole & homemade chips
900 yen
  • - Nachos
800 yen
  • - Molletes
600 yen
  • - Grilled quesadillas
    (with chorizo, shrimp or zucchini flowers)
800 yen
  • - Fried quesadillas with
    Monterey Jack cheese
800 yen
  • - Shrimp & Avocado Cocktail
900 yen
  • - Roasted homemade Mexican chorizo
1,100 yen
  • - Homemade pickles
450 yen
  • Tacos
  • We make soft tacos with corn tortillas and serve them with three different kinds of salsas. One order comes with two tacos, but from two onwards you can order as many as you want.
  • - Chicken
700 yen
  • - Mushroom
700 yen
  • - Pork Carnitas
800 yen
  • - Beef
800 yen
  • - Chorizo and potatoes
800 yen
  • Flautas
  • Crispy fried tacos served with guacamole, sour cream and salsa.
  • - Chicken
Two 900 yen
Three 1,300 yen
  • - Pork
Two 900 yen
Three 1,300 yen
  • - Beef
Two 1,000 yen
Three 1,450 yen
  • Enchiladas
  • Made with homemade corn tortillas and served with refried beans.Choose between a chicken or cheese filling.
  • - Red Sauce
Two 1,050 yen
Three 1,500 yen
  • - Green Sauce
Two 1,200 yen
Three 1,650 yen
  • - Mamey Sauce
Two 1,100 yen
Three 1,600 yen
  • - Mole Poblano Sauce
Two 1,350 yen
Three 1,950 yen
  • Soups
  • - Tortilla soup
    A classical Mexican soup made with pasilla chile, avocado, feta cheese
950 yen
  • - Yucatan-style chicken and lime soup
950 yen
  • Salads
  • - Caesar Salad
750 yen
  • - Crab & Avocado Salad
1,300 yen
  • - Beef Salpicon
1,200 yen
  • - Cactus-pad Salad
900 yen
  • Mexican platters
  • - Drowned eggs with chorizo
1,100 yen
  • - Zucchini Pudding
1,350 yen
  • - Deviled Shrimp
950 yen
  • - Cowboy Beans
800 yen
  • Main Dishes
  • - Garlic and chile shrimp
    Plump shrimp sauted with crispy garlic and guajillo chile. A favorite in the Mexican seaside!
1,250 yen
  • - Chicken in mole poblano
  • The national dish of Mexico. The sauce is made with four different chiles, and a variety of nuts, dried fruits and unsweetened chocolate. A wonderful experience!
1,800 yen
  • - Cochinita Pibil
  • The pork is marinated in orange and achiote, and then slowly baked inside a banana leaf. It is served with pickled red onions, habanero salsa, refried beans and tortillas. This is a famous dish from the Yucatan region.
1,900 yen

  • Beer
  • - Yebisu Draft
650 yen
  • - Corona
700 yen
  • - Bohemia
700 yen
  • - Negra Modelo
700 yen
  • - Bull
950 yen
  • - Submarino
900 yen
  • Wines
White: Fumet Blanc, Red: Cabernet Sauvignon
  • - Glass
600 yen
  • - Bottle
  • Tequila
  • We have an extensive selection of the finest tequilas and mezcal. Please ask for the tequila list.
  • Cocktails
  • - Frozen Margarita
  • (Lime, Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Raspberry)
Glass 950yen
Pitcher 3,600yen
  • - Margarita
900 yen
  • - Mojito
900 yen
  • - Caipirinha
900 yen
  • - Pina Colada
900 yen
  • - Passion Colada
900 yen
  • - Adelita
900 yen
  • - Tequila Sunrise
850 yen
  • - Salty Dog
850 yen

1,000yen each
  • Enchilada & Taco
  • One taco of the day served with a cheese enchilada, rice and beans.

  • Two Enchiladas
  • Two enchiladas (chicken or cheese) with red and green sauce, served with rice and beans.

  • Chicken Burrito
  • Tender chicken breast wrapped in a flour tortilla with onions and peppers. Served with rice and beans.

  • Vegetable Burrito
  • Assorted grilled vegetables wrapped in a flour tortilla. Served with rice and beans.

  • Today's Lunch (Only weekdays)
  • Ask your server for the special of the day. Only ten available!

  • Every lunch set comes with a choice between a soup or a salad and a drink (choose between coffee, tea, coca-cola, camomile tea, ice coffee and ice tea).

  • Extras
  • - Homemade tortillas
  • - Lunch beer
    (Only weekdays)
  • - Lunch wine
    (Only Weekdays)
  • - Lunch dessert (Flan, rice pudding or ice cream)
    (Only Weekdays)
On weekends during lunch service you can order both from our lunch and dinner menus.

8 Reviews for Salsita: Hiroo

  • Salsita: Hiroo
  • (2019-04-30)

  • Salsita: Hiroo
  • (2019-04-28)

  • Disappointing
  • (2014-08-02)
  • The worst I have ever had. Really a kind of sad joke: small portions, undercooked, silly marinara sauce used instead of proper Mexican enchilada sauce; nothing baked properly, but warmed up frozen prepped items in tiny lunch tray dishes, child-size. Taco was cold, really heartlessly prepared as if the cooks had never eaten the real thing. Nice setting, nice wait staff, good music, but absurdly inc... Read More

  • Delightful
  • (2011-10-16)
  • I am from New Mexico and have been to every Mexican restaurant in Tokyo and Salsita is simply the best. Most Mexican restaurants are all too greasy and try to mask inferior recipes with an overabundance of cheese. La Salsita offers light and delicate fair, the salsa is fresh and diced just right, and the enchiladas are produced with wonderful red and green sauces. I love this place.

  • Try La Jolla's instead.
  • (2009-04-04)
  • Did not live up to reviews. The waitress got our order wrong, we waited 15 minutes without anything to drink after ordering. The guacamole was good, but definitely not worth 900 yen. The food, when finally served, was decent, but I will definitely opt for nearby La Jolla's over this one. Nice decor but not much else.

  • Salsita: Hiroo
  • (2009-02-16)
  • uno de los mejores rest. mexicanos en tokyo this is one of the best mexican rest in tokyo and cheap

  • One of the Best Mexican in Tokyo
  • (2008-06-25)
  • I have been going to Salsita for several years, starting back when it was located in Ebisu next to the train tracks. Nonetheless, this is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Tokyo and I always came back. This is the only place so far that that I found that can give Fonda de la Madrugada a run for its money. However, the prices are more friendly at Salsita. Keep in mind this is a Mexica... Read More

  • Salsita: Hiroo
  • (2007-11-03)
  • Salsita is in my opinion the best Mexican food you can find in Tokyo. But, before I proceed, I should come out clean and say that I used to work there. Salsita churns out by-the-book traditional Mexican fare. The owner imports a lot of the ingredients from Mexico so he can make food that would otherwise be impossible in Japan. Furthermore, everything is homemade, and it shows. The corn tortill... Read More

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