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Ivan Ramen: Kyodo アイバンのラーメン Ramen / Shimokitazawa

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  • Ivan Ramen: Kyodo
  • (2011-11-08)
  • This is some damn good ramen. I came here out of curiosity to see the foreigner chef doing ramen, but after the fact, all i can think of is the soup.

    Most ramen hits you in the face with flavor. The soup at Ivan ramen initially doesn't seem to be as intense. This is not to say that it's thin, but the flavor opens up slower, and more gently. It's a combination that slowly envelops you, teases you. I had the shio-ramen, so i wonder if this quality goes away with some of the more heavily-seasoned soups.

    The noodles are wonderful, and with tiny specks of rye flour. The pork was initially slightly dry to my taste, but i changed my mind to liking it afterwards.

    The other point i liked about Ivan is that the portion was controlled. I don't get the trend at some ramen shops to pile up the veggies so high, it looks like a rendition of mount fuji in bean sprouts. This, on the other hand, is a proper portion to feel full but like you can continue your day after having ramen.

    Kyodo is not a major hub, so it might take a special trip to go eat at Ivan, but i suggest you do sometime. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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