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Momo Paradise モーモーパラダイス Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki / Ikebukuro

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  • You must go to Momo!
  • (2010-01-04)
  • UPDATE: this location in ikebukuro is now closed! I tried to go again om april 2012 and it's gone!

    I've been here twice: Each visit I make to Japan I make it a point to go here. The first time I went for Dinner and there was a half hour wait, but I went for lunch the next year on a rainy day, and it was no wait and the waiters were very attendant and nice, even to us Gaijin.
    It's also all you can eat, but with the first round they bring out two big plates of veggies and meats per person and its more then enough- we went for another serving and we left stuffed.
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  • Shabu Shabu Paradise!!!
  • (2008-06-30)
  • Momo Paradise in Ikebukuro is a convenient, inexpensive place to have a great Japanese style meal. For dinner, all you can eat Shabu Shabu or Sukiyaki with beef of pork is under 2000 yen. To get the best deal, go during lunch time and get all you can eat for under 1000 yen! Shabu Shabu, if you haven't experienced it already, is a delicious and not so intimidating Japanese practice of boiling beef and vegetables and dipping it tasty sauces. This is a perfect place to take friends or family visiting Tokyo if they want to get a real Japanese experience without spending too much money. The location is convenient, found right next to Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. Momo Paradise is definitely a great place to try!
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  • Must try for sabu sabu/meat lovers!
  • (2008-01-21)
  • This is an excellent place for sabu sabu! Have tried it 3 times and counting!

    There are two restaurants in Ikebukoro! - don't go to the wrong one if you call to make reservations(recommended if you are planning during peak hours/days). Happened to me once! however, they were within a kilometer from each other, so walkable. One is located on the 5th floor in the same building as a cinema and HMV, just before Tokyo Hands and the other, on the 8th floor, located nearer the metro station across from Lumin/Seibu - lift to the 8th floor is in the back alley and not the main road). Look for the signboards above street level at both locations. They have staff speaking English at both locations.

    You can't go wrong with thinly sliced beef and pork, as well as mixed greens including mushrooms and tofu. What's more its a buffet restaurant (though they do set a time limit of 90 mins) for around 2000 yen per person. There are set options for rice(unlimited) and drink set(one bowl or unlimited) or a group set. If you like noodles with your meal, its an option as well. You can choose to have clear soup or the sweeter sukiyaki which comes with egg or a korean spicey soup. The beef is yummy and so is the pork (there is option for only beef or for both with an additional price) and goes well with the vinegar sauce and sesame sauce (sweeter). You can order as many plates of beef/pork/veggie/tofu as you want - average i have 4 -5 meat plates.

    To get the real taste of sabu sabu (clear soup) one should clear the floating 'scum' with the sieve scoop when the brownish foam (not to be eaten) starts to appear - repeat many times! the clear soup should be seen once you clear the floating debris- empty this into the container where the scoop is found.

    So hope you enjoy this yummy sabu sabu place! I know I will be going back again!
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  • Momo Paradise
  • (2007-10-04)
  • I personally love Shabu-Shabu so that’s why I love this restaurant. They offer 90 minutes of all you can eat service (beef or pork, add 100 yen for both, and vegetables) with a mind blowing 1680 yen price! Not only does the price shock you enough, you can choose from original Shabu-Shabu pot, Kimchi pot, Sukiyaki pot, and a new Curry pot (special menu for summer 2007 only). On top of that, add 550 yen to order a soft drink and all you can eat rice. I never order rice when I go to all you can eat restaurants (rice fills you up easily!) but this is good for some people that have to eat rice when eating pot dishes.
    The meat (both beef and pork) at this place is very average class in Japan. It low price translates into really plain tasting meat. If you want to try some of the top class Japanese beef or pork (so good they don’t even taste like beef or pork anymore), you should better go to a higher class Shabu-Shabu restaurant instead of these value oriented chain stores. Only be aware that those high class stores have some very high class prices also!
    Other than meat, there is a wide selection (around 15) of raw vegetables for you to cook in the pot also included in the all you can eat menu. Eating the meat first by cooking them one by one, then adding the vegetables and noodles all into the pot at last is the proper eating style of Japanese pots (Chinese pots add everything into the pot in the beginning). I give this place a rating of 4.5/5 because of the value and service included in this delicious dining experience.
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  • Momo Paradise
  • (2007-07-13)
  • This is an all-you-can eat shabu shabu/ sukiyaki place. It is about 10 minutes walk away from Ikebukuro station, and it’s located in an alley, on the 7th floor of the building. I went with 3 other friends. Usually there’s a long line waiting, but since we made reservation, we didn’t spend time waiting. The place is clean and spacious. The menu doesn’t have English translation, but there are pictures to guide you. Plus, there isn’t much variety, just need to choose between shabu shabu or sukiyaki. We chose shabu shabu, and it’s about 1600 yen per person. The beef is fresh and pork is pretty good too. Usually if you want both beef and pork you need to pay 100 yen extra per person, but there was a promotion when we went, therefore mix meat is free. It is all you-can-eat (but not all-you-can-drink, drinks are ordered separately or pay extra for all-you-can-drink) but there is a 90 minutes time limit, however in the end we found out that they weren’t very strict on the limit (I guess it depends on how many people are waiting too). And since we are meat-lovers and we were really hungry, we just kept ordering as much beef and pork as we want until we were full. There are also other stuffs to put into the hot pot besides meat, such as cabbage, seaweed, carrots, tofu, vermicelli noodle, and many other veggies. In addition, there is also rice and noodle if the meat and veggie is not filling enough. This is a very happy meal for us and made our tummy very satisfied, and the price is pretty good too. I would recommend this restaurant.
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