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Serina 瀬里奈 Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki / Roppongi

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  • Serina
  • (2020-11-15)
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  • Awesome
  • (2009-11-21)
  • My family and I eat here as much as we can. The dinner courses are absolutely my favorite and I've been enough times that I know more than half of the employees and they're delightful! Great food, great ambiance and just a lovely place to dine with your family or partner.

    It may be a little pricey for some people but it's worth it. If you're lucky you may even bump into a few Japanese celebrities, which is always a hoot. The bar has a wide selection of alcohol, which my father just appreciates.

    I very much recommend Serina to anyone.
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  • I didn't know that I was an Emperor/Empress
  • (2009-01-27)
  • The people at Seryna really do treat you like royalty here.

    I've been in Tokyo about 8 months and I haven't once been completely blown out of the water by a restaurant. Whether you speak fluent Japanese or are a complete novice, the staff at this restaurant make everything so easy and stress-free.

    You may imagine that 3,000-4,000 yen for a set lunch is quite pricey for everyday, but its definitely worth the experience at least once or twice. They offer about 4 different sets at that price, but there are a few lunch sets that go for about 5,000-7,000 yen range.

    I can't stress the service of this place - it's absolutely sublime. I can't remember if Seryna is in the Michelin Food guide, but if it's not, it should be. For example, if you order any of the steaks or shabu-shabu sets, the waitresses (who are dressed in kimonos!) will cook it at the table and even put your bibs on for you! They work quickly and discretely while cooking the food in front of you, and all you have to do is turn your head and someone will come to your aid.

    The "Traditional Japanese" set lunch also has a very good variety of meat, sushi and sashimi, vegetables and sides. All meals come with a coffee and dessert (mango or green tea ice-cream). The coffee was the best I've every had. I generally hate black coffee, but I didn't have to add anything and it tasted amazing. The ice-creams were also very rich and flavorful.

    There's no doubt in my mind that the meal was worth every yen I paid, but come only during lunch as the dinner courses cost about double the price. I will be coming back soon!
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  • Serina
  • (2008-09-07)
  • Love this place. My favorite is the Ton Ton food is great and good atmosphere. The beef here is really awesome and people were all nice.
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