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Bikini is a modern Catalanian Spanish restaurant that uses products and recipes from Catalunia in Spain. They are famous for their use of fish and seafood and for how they have refined traditional recipes. Even though the restaurant is on the small side with space for 26 customers, the design and the open kitchen make it an attractive location to enjoy their tasting menus or a la carte options. Find this store at the akasaka Sacas complex.

Categories Spanish
Nearest Station Akasaka
Address Akaska Biztower 1F (Akasaka Sacas), 5-3-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5114-8500
Business Hours 11:00am-11:00pm
Price Lunch: 1,000-1,999yen Dinner: 7,000-7,999yen
Occasion Good for Date, Group, Party

5 Reviews for Modern Catalan Spanishi Bikini

  • poor service, barely acceptable preparation quality, expensive
  • (2016-12-30)
  • Waiter was pretenious and rude. Service was very poor. Food was only slightly better - very bland, for a very heavy price. Better Spanish places can be found run by local Japanese owned restaurants, where the owner has buy in to make the customer feel welcome and to serve consistently good quality food that is half the price. The staff in Bikini have no passion for the job and it shows in every ... Read More

  • Modern Catalan Spanishi Bikini
  • (2011-06-05)
  • The only dish I had in our 6900Y set menu that reminded on the great Tapas and Spanish food that I had in Spain last year was the Iberico Bellota ham. The Fideau Paella was the worst I have ever eaten and actually had mayonnaise in it. Avoid if you are looking for real Spanish food!

  • Viva Espana!
  • (2010-02-22)
  • I visited Bikini last night (Sunday) with a friend from Mie-ken... a beautiful, simple person who seldom ever visited Tokyo. We didn't have reservations but were early (around 6:30) so got seated at the counter immediately - no waiting! Great greeting, personable staff, good explanations... Only, the menu was difficult to understand since the Spanish was simply "katakana-ized" with no real explan... Read More

  • Rude - will never go back
  • (2008-06-15)
  • After just returning from Barcelona I was excited to find Tokyo's new Catalan restaurant. We booked a seat for 2 at the counter and left our name and number. we arrived 15min late to find that they had given our seat to someone else. Surprisingly for Japan they were quite rude about it so we refused their offer to wait 20min for the next table and promptly left. Why couldn't they have just called ... Read More

  • Modern Catalan Spanishi Bikini
  • (2008-03-25)
  • Bikini has the potential to be a great restaurant, but it’s not quite there yet. Granted, I visited during an incredibly busy lunch service within the first month of it opening, so there were high notes mixed with some flaws. The food is contemporary Spanish, with a modern presentation and futuristic-looking chinaware. I ordered the meat lunch menu (2,500 yen). The highest note was a shot of ... Read More

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