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Asahi Sushi: 8F Shinjuku Mylord 旭鮨 Sushi / Shinjuku

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  • Superb Tokusen Sashimi Moriwase
  • (2013-04-12)
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    I was early for 2pm check-in at Shinjuku Sunroute Plaza so I decided I might as well have a bite first while waiting for my room. I noticed that there was a Asahi Sushi outlet at Mylord Building when I got out at Shinjuku South Exit which was very near Sunroute so I went back there.
    There was an impressive looking Tokusen sashimi moriwase which meant specially selected mixed sashimi (see photo above) at 1800yen, so I decided to just have that.

    This was what I had-
    5 slices of aji (horse mackerel)
    2 slices of hamachi (yellow tail)
    2 amaebi (sweet prawn)
    2 tai (sea bream or snapper)
    1/2 a awabi =5 slices of abalone
    negitoro (minced tuna belly)
    1 whole slug I ate several times before but didn’t know the name (I found out later name was tsubugai)
    2 centrepiece akamai (lean toro)

    The aji was very good & went very well withe the dash of ginger. We get very good aji in Singapore as well. The hamachi were quite ok but I had much better plump ones before. The tai was average but at least not those with much residue, The amaebi was good.
    The awabi was fabulous (though the photo was not as I was unable to focus well). I had Japanese abalone sashimi before but usually they were a bit tough & chewy. & they were expensive and not great so I wouldn’t usually order them. These were not tough at all & very sweet, a really nice treat!
    The negitoro was also very sweet (I later tried a pair of negitoro sushi at a conveyor belt sushi place & though they looked beautiful they had very little taste).
    the slug thingy (tsubugai) was ok but still a bit tough, never my favourite but quite ok here. and the akamai(lean toro) was also good.

    The 1800 yen price (=S$20++) was really great value for the items offered. There were many other good sets at Asahi Sushi like a good chirashi don for 1490yen. Good Japanese food are a lot more expensive to come by in Singapore on a quality-price comparison.
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