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Sun Room さんるーむ Teishoku, Yoshoku / Akihabara

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  • Sun Room
  • (2007-06-02)
  • Organic food is one of the hottest trends, and Japan is in on it. On an average day, you see several organic restaurants in Tokyo. Sanmuru is a really fine example of Japan's take on organic cuisine. This restaurant interprets it in a very traditional way. Rice is one of the most important parts of a meal at this restaurant, and if you ask, you can get a bowl of tororo to pour over it. Tororo is a kind of (potato) puree. It sounds odd, but it's very good. I had gyutan, or cow tongue, as my main dish, and enjoyed it thoroughly. If you're not feeling that adventurous, then try the roru-cabitsu, or rolled cabbage, which is kind of like manicotti. The restaurant's feel is also very nice. Since it's in the top of a building rather than at street level, it has a very clean feeling. This is a very refreshing place to eat after hiking the streets of Akihabara. There isn't any English on the menu, but it has pictures, and there is a display of plastic models out front. With the emphasis placed on rice, you're not apt to leave hungry.
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