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Kondo 近藤 Tempura / Ginza

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  • So That's What Tempura Means...
  • (2012-08-26)
  • Who: Date night
    When: Friday evening 6:00pm reservations
    Wear: Nice
    Why: Heard there was GREAT tempura here.

    When I first round out we were going to a tempura restaurant, I'll admit, I worried I would need to starve a little to down all that deep-fry. No worries! The food is amazing and the set courses are a perfect balance of fry and dry. Of course there is tempura, but there is a wonderful balance in the other dishes of vinegary tomato, pickles, miso, and soft tofu. My date and I both ordered the middle course. Dishes were delivered at a good pace and servings were fine. Each course was a bite or two and delicious. Seating enables all diners to enjoy the mastery of the chefs and their assistants. Leave it to the Japanese to find high art over a boiling vat of oil. I don't think I saw 2 sentences pass between the master and his apprentice, but somehow they knew exactly what each was doing. It was a beautiful batter ballet. The clientele is always interesting along the Ginza, but in this restaurant you see them up close. We were there a little on the early side, but we were also able to catch different seatings. The couple's time and the ladies night out scene both made appearances. The windows are a perfect backdrop of the city and Tokyo Tower is a spectacular sight. Yes, it is a little pricey, but it is definitely worth it.
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