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Tempura Fukushima 天扶良 福島 Tempura / Roppongi

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A two minute walk from Roppongi station, Fukishima features clean and simple interiors where they serve seasonal vegetables and fresh seafood. In addition it is a smoke free restaurant and used by many foreign guests for business entertaining.

Categories Tempura
Nearest Station Roppongi
Address Tanuki Bldg. B1F, 4-10-12 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3403-5507
Business Hours Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm; Sat 11:30am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm; closed Sun
Occasion Good for Group, Business
  • Introduction

  • Courses

  • A la carte & Drinks

  • Enjoy Edo-mae style tempura in the heart of Roppongi. Everyday we get seasonal vegetables and fresh seafood at Tsukiji market to prepare superb tempura.

    We have over 40 years of experience, and are confident that we can bring out and elevate the flavor of ingredients to new heights. We use a unique and original blend of cotton and sesame oil to bring the flavors out and create healthier tempura.

    Take a seat on the counter, and watch the chefs prepare every morsel fresh before your eyes. We work with "no-smoke" friers, so you can enjoy the action without worrying about the smell of fried food permeating the restaurant.

    We are lucky to count many celebrities and foreigners among our patrons. We also have a vegetarian menu.

  • Omakase Course: 12,600yen
  • -Zensai (hors d' oeuvre)
  • -Sashimi (white fish)
  • -Sunomono (vinegared dish)
  • -Suimono (soup)
  • -Tempura: Prawns, Anago (conger eel meat), Megochi (dragonet), Ika (squid meat), Kani-isobe (laver-rolled crab meat), Kobashira-kakiage (small scallops) and Vegetables.
  • -Salad and Dessert
  • King Course: 8,400 yen
  • -Zensai (hors d' oeuvre)
  • -Assorted Sashimi
  • -Sunomono (Vinegared Dish)
  • -Salad and Dessert
  • -Tempura:Prawns, Anago, Kisu(sand borer), Ika, Kakiage(mixed ingredients) and Vegetables
  • Tempura Course: 5,250yen
  • -Zensai
  • -Salad and Dessert
  • -Tempura:Prawns, Anago, White fish, and Vegetables.
  • You may choose one from the following to go with your course
    1.Gohan (rice) with akadashi (miso soup) and pickled vegetables.
    2.Chasoba(soba noodles).
    3.Chazuke(green tea poured over rice).
  • Assorted Tempura: 6,300 yen
  • Three Prawns, Anago, White Fish(three pieces), Kakiage, Vegetables and Salad

  • Tempura A La Carte (from 315 yen)
  • -Kuruma-Ebi (Fresh Live Prawn)
  • -Anago
  • -Kisu
  • -Megochi
  • -Ika
  • -Hotate
  • -Kaibashira (Small Scallop)

  • -Ebi-shinjo shiso-maki (ground prawn meat rolled with perilla)
  • -Kobashira isobe-maki (laver-rolled scallop)
  • -Tori shiso-maki (perilla rolled chicken meat)
  • -Shiitake ebi-zume (ground prawn meat-stuffed shiitake mushroom)
  • -Kani-tsume (crab's claw meat)

  • -Kani-bou (crab's meat)
  • -Yamaimo(yam)
  • -Konnyaku
  • -Vegatables
  • -Kakiage (mixed ingredients)
  • Others
  • -Assorted Sashimi of Season's Fish
current price
  • -Wafu namayasai

  • -Ebi-kani salad
  • -Chasoba (soba noodles)
  • Drink
  • -Beer
  • -Shochu
  • -Wine
  • -Sake

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