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Tsunahachi : Shinjuku Honten つな八 Tempura / Shinjuku

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Tsunahachi : Shinjuku Honten
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Running for about 80 years, this Tempura restaurant has comparatively reasonable prices and crispy authentic Tempura. Most seats are counter seats that face the chef as he cooks all the various seasonal Tempura.

Categories Tempura
Nearest Station Shinjuku
Address 3-31-8 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3352-1012
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours 11:15am-10:00pm
Price Lunch: 1,000-1,999yen Dinner: 3,000-3,999yen
Occasion Good for Date, Group
Credit Cards Yes

4 Reviews for Tsunahachi : Shinjuku Honten

  • Faded, but still good
  • (2008-09-19)
  • Perhaps it was was because all the glowing reviews had built my expectations up a little too high, but I was a little disappointed with Tsunahachi. The food was good and it was a thrill to watch it being cooked in front of me, but I found the grubbiness of the place a little distracting. Where I'd hoped for old-fashioned rustic charm I found a fading, disorganized interior that couldn't have been ... Read More

  • Tsunahachi : Shinjuku Honten
  • (2008-06-27)
  • The tempura at Tsunahachi was amazing. It didn't come all at once, but instead it came as the chef made it and he just served it right when it was ready! It was also so hot I had to let it cool for a bit. The tastes were amazing, there were 3 sauces to chose from or a combination of them of course. Tempura just kept coming and it got better and better. Lots of seafood and even a whole clam! ... Read More

  • One of the best Tempura you can get in Shinjuku area
  • (2007-10-25)
  • I am a tourist from Taiwan. I visited Japan all the time, and Shinjuku is the area that I usually chose to stay. I am also a fan of Tempura, and upon the suggest of my Japanese friend, I tried Tsunahachi couple of months ago. I have to say that this restaurant is pretty impressive. They offer lots of choices on all kinds of Tempura dishes. And the price also varies dramatically. This means that yo... Read More

  • Tsunahachi : Shinjuku Honten
  • (2007-06-27)
  • My mother used to say that if there was steam rising from her food, it just seemed better all around. That's part of the appeal of tempura stores: the chefs cook three feet away from you. If you're sitting at the counter, it's delivered pipping hot via the same chop sticks that plucked it from the boiling oil. Tsunahachi is one of those ritzy tempura shops that draws a flock of business people dur... Read More

Other reviews of the same chain

  • Tsunahachi : Shibuya
  • (2008-02-24)
  • When I went to the Shinjuku branch of tsunahachi, I thought it was tasty. This time in Shibuya I thought it was bland and forgettable. We ordered two sets of tempura; one was the sashimi course (1,875 yen) and the other was the oo-ebi course (1,575, giant shrimp). The tempura was not all that bad. The sashimi consisted of cuts of seasonal buri (adult yellowtail), and an assortment of tempura t... Read More

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