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Prik プリック   Thai / Ikebukuro

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  • Prik
  • (2007-10-02)
  • You can immediately tell that Puriku is a family-run operation of Thai expats living in Japan. In fact, it's quite easy because as you walk in you will see the kid playing computer games and his mother scolding him to go do his homework.

    The menu is a hard read unless you speak Thai. Even in Japanese the explanations are short so we just looked at the pictures and ordered what looked the tastiest. Our meal started with stir fried chicken with herbs and chillies (1500 yen), served with two random slices of cucumber. This was the best dish of the night-super tasty and fiery. We continued with a classic of Thai food-pad thai (1000 yen). While this wasn't a bad rendition, I've definitely had better and for some reason they didn't add any peanuts at Puriku. We finished our meal with another dish of fried noodles with seafod and vegetables (1000 yen) that came soaked in a jello-like soup. I'm quite against jello-like textures so I didn't like this that much but I could still enjoy it in spite of the blob.

    Puriku is a tad expensive considering the location and the interior. The restaurant is quite small, and the chairs are uncomfortable. However, this is probably as close as it gets to Thai home cooking, and you don't get any of the chain-restaurant-doing-Thai-food feeling here.

    To finish the meal, I would definitely recommend walking over to the corner shop (Baan Kanom Thai) to pick up some excellent Thai sweets. They speak nothing but Thai there (the cook at Puriku speaks some Japanese), so you'll just have to try your luck and pick your fancy from the display because they can hardly explain what the sweets are. They will, however, smile and thank you in Thai (khorb koon khrap)
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