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Maisen: Aoyama まい泉 Tonkatsu / Omotesando, Aoyama

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  • Utterly wonderful!
  • (2012-05-09)
  • I ventured into this famed Tonkatsu restaurant with the intention of getting the most expensive thing on the menu and nonetheless left with a wallet only 3000 YEN lighter. I also left with a general feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment, which is why I adore this place.

    In my humble opinion, as a lover of all things pork, this is the best Tonkatsu restaurant in all of Japan. The meat here is melt in your mouth delicious and of a quality not often matched. The unlimited tea and cabbage are much appreciated. The atmosphere of the cavernous bathhouse-cum-restaurant (if you are lucky enough to get a seat inside the depths) also adds a touch of traditional Japanese class and charm not often matched right in the heart of fashionable Tokyo.
    This is a place that begs to be visited. For your stomach’s sake, do not leave it off your itinerary.
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