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Mikawaya 三河屋 Tonkatsu / Hiroo

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  • Mikawaya
  • (2007-09-18)
  • Japanese efficiency is put on display at this popular Teishoku restaurant. I arrived 15 minutes after they opened and there was already a line outside of the small restaurant.
    While I waited I looked through the window in the door that leads to the kitchen and saw the Japanese couple working hard preparing food. While I waited, a waitress, presumably the daughter of the two chiefs, came and asked how many I was with and what I wanted. I had no idea what there was so she told to look through the window at the menu on the wall. It wasn’t very big, nor was it in English. They had about 5 different things all from 950 yen to 1050 yen; one of them was a combination of all the others, I got that one. When I was seated about 10 minutes later, I sat at the counter in front of me was about 15 plates half full of sliced lettuce and a macaroni salad, waiting for their fried counterparts. It was only about 3 minutes before my food was in front of me looking really good. On it were three ball shapes and half a chicken breast, a combination of menchi katsu, chicken katsu, and koroke. All are fried foods done mere feet away by the sweet woman cook. Immediately I dug in and loved it. Each part had its own unique taste and was extremely good. I can see why it was so popular. As I left, I noticed the line had slightly grown from when I was a member, and I saw as the anxious customers awaited their own fried delights.
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