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Tonkatsu Imoya 1 とんかつ いもや Tonkatsu / Jimbocho

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  • Tonkatsu Imoya 1
  • (2007-07-10)
  • This back street restaurant is all business but has a great concept. When I got there, there was a line outside the store but it moved quickly. Once I got inside, I had to wait a few more minutes on the bench inside but not very long at all. When you are waiting and trying to find out what to order, you will have a hard time finding a menu because you don’t order anything. Once you sit down at the counter, you are merely brought your tonkatsu, miso soup, and rice. About 3 minutes after I sat down, I was brought a plate of tokatsu and the rest of my food. The only sound you can hear in there are the cooks welcoming people and giving them their food. People go there just to eat and leave. The tonkatsu and miso were exceptional. The only sort of menu they have says that the tonkatsu costs 700 yen. Although the restaurant is quite popular and not exceptionally big, I did not feel like I was crowded. I was quite comfortable in the restaurant and enjoyed it thoroughly. There is no need to understand Japanese because you just go in and sit and enjoy; when you are done just make sure to pay the 700 yen.
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