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Tonki: Meguro とんき 目黒店 Tonkatsu / Meguro

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  • Tonki: Meguro
  • (2019-05-02)
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  • Tonki-Tantalising Tonkatsu
  • (2010-12-07)
  • BEST.TONKATSU.EVER. We came before it opened at 4pm on a Sunday and boy am I glad we did, there was already a queue starting to form. Downstairs you can sit at the bar where you can watch the factory line of seasoned tonkatsu professionals make your meal. It's fascinating to watch. At 4.30pm the bar was already full and many people were waiting for seats to open up. I've also been here at 7pm on a Sunday and what a line! Definitely go on the early side. If not you can sit upstairs but you don't get the joy of watching the makings of the perfect tonkatsu. You can also book if you have a larger party which they can accommodate with private rooms.

    Now for the tonkatsu, there are three types of Tonkatsu you can order. The Hire-Katsu lean meat, the Rohsu-Katsu with some fat on the pork and Kushi-Katsu meat skewered with onions. I've ordered the Rohsu-Katsu and the Kushi-Katsu both of which were so tasty I got so sad when the meal was over. The place also gives free refills for rice and cabbage. The staff are very friendly and the restaurant has a great atmosphere. The only downside is after you leave you'll smell like tonkatsu but how's that a bad thing? A great Japanese experience for those looking for somewhere authentic and DELICIOUS.
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