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Wako: Shibuya Tonkatsu / Shibuya

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  • Take comfort
  • (2007-12-31)
  • This is not your typical salaryman restaurant. Several key points highlight this Japanese restaurant chain with some 270 outlets nationwide.

    Classical music hums in the background, giving it a very peaceful almost romantic appeal to the restaurant. Also, it is a completely non-smoking restaurant and English menus are available upon request.

    If you are in the mood for Japanese comfort food, look no further. Pork cutlets, or tonkatsu, is known to satisfy any hungry stomach. What makes this restaurant unique is that it uses top-grade, lean pork fillet meat wrapped in panko bread crumbs right before cooking making the final product both crispy and juicy. I always order the Hitokuchi-Hirekatsu Gohan (998yen) which consists of 3 medallion-sized pork fillet cutlets with complimentary all-you-can-eat cabbage salad, rice, and miso clam soup. Just ask for more once you finish. I typically swirl some Bulldog sauce on my tonkatsu as well as in my rice (which gets some strange looks from Japanese) and makes it just completely fantastic and delicious.

    So, don't be shy. Its very multicultural, as on several occasions, we have been seated next to Cantonese, Korean, and Mandarin speaking customers as well as my English speaking table.
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