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Daigo: Kamiyacho 醍醐 Traditional Japanese / Tameikesanno

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  • Daigo: Kamiyacho
  • (2019-04-28)
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  • Incredible Experience!
  • (2010-09-21)
  • We returned back to the US after spending a few days in Tokyo, primarily to enjoy Kaiseki meals. We had the good fortune of dining at Daigo. The ambience, presentation, decor, service, food, etc is top notch. We are eagerly looking forward to dining at Daigo the next time we are in Tokyo.
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  • Daigo: Kamiyacho
  • (2010-07-26)
  • being vegetarian i was super excited to go here. It's a little pricy at almost 200 american dollars a person, but well worth it. I don't have enough good things to say about this place. The room is huge, and overlooks a really pretty garden, the food is incredible, (and our meal was 13 courses!) the staff is super nice, and it's just nice to do something so relaxing and traditional. i'd reccomend this for anyone!
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