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Sankame 三亀 Traditional Japanese / Ginza

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  • Sankame
  • (2020-10-14)
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  • Sankame
  • (2008-05-01)
  • Sankame got one Michelin star, but remains unpretentious and quite affordable. Walking into the restaurant feels like the place was suspended in time--the customers seem to be old acquaintances of the owner, who himself walks around making conversation and ensuring the food is perfect.

    The food is indeed good. Everything that arrived before me was top-quality and superbly prepared. The chef who grilled my fish fanned it for a good ten minutes, making sure the outside wouldn’t char ahead of time. The care he took showed in the final product; a succulent morsel of fish with the faintest taste of smoke. The meal was completed with rice, miso soup, pickles, a small bite of nimono and sashimi. All of this for 1950 yen, and I’d say this is quite the deal. (there’s a choice between a grilled set or a sashimi set).

    I also loved the way the meal came to an end -- rather than an elaborate dessert, I was served a small segment of an incredibly sweet grapefruit. It takes courage for a restaurant to simply serve a piece of fruit, but I love the places that do.

    The room is a bit on the serious side. There’s no music, and at times nobody was a bit odd, but not uncomfortable.

    Together with Abe in Roppongi, Sankame is one of the most affordable places to try the new crop of Michelin restaurants in Tokyo. It’s just slightly more than a set lunch elsewhere, and the quality certainly shows. One last comment; the restaurant is located on the first floor on the side of the building. Don’t pay attention to the sign that says it is located on the 8th floor, or you’ll end up like me wondering around the rooftop.
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