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Tahara 田はら Traditional Japanese / Hiroo

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  • Tahara
  • (2021-01-16)
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  • Old Town Fish Flavor
  • (2012-09-27)
  • Who: 5 Tennis Mates and me!
    Wear: Tokyo Casual
    When: Thursday LUNCH
    Why: I am constantly passing by this very non-descript sign/restaurant. The smells of grilled fish were calling.

    So I just finished a fantastic lunch with friends at Tahara. It's just a shingle outside a door across from the Chinese Embassy. It's one of those places that you tell yourself you'll check out but somehow the flashier places or "safer" places are where you end up. Today, I had 2 expats (myself and my global citizen friend Angela) and 4 Nihonjin.

    This place is open for lunch.

    It's a fantastic little find. Very intimiate dining space. Might not be easy for a large group, but we just took over their upstairs seating area. Downstairs is literally a counter with 6 stools and a 4-top.

    If you like fish, intimacy, classic Japanese presentation and flavors, you will love this place. It's definitely a place I wouldn't expect a lot of gaijin. The miso was deliecious. I ordered the fried aji. It was fried to perfection and the serving was good size. I left feeling satisfied not full. Most of the sets come with miso,rice, pickles, Main selection and green tea/water. They also offered dishes with Cod, Salmon, and Mackerel. They only cook a certain number of dishes for freshness, so I would suggest going early.

    I would definitely go back for more. It's just one of those restaurants where the food quality is high and you could very quickly become a "regular" of sorts. Plus, I like fish that tastes like fish.
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