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Jojoen: Takadanobaba 叙々苑 高田馬場店 Yakiniku / Takadanobaba

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Jyojyo En, a chain which has 43 locations in the Tokyo metropolitan area, is famous for its delicious beef, but that taste doesn't come cheap. Lunch starts in the 1,000 yen range, and it's a relaxed restaurant where you can take your time to cook and eat your meal.

Categories Yakiniku
Nearest Station Takadanobaba
Address 3-12-5 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3368-6036
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1 Review for Jojoen: Takadanobaba

  • Jojoen: Takadanobaba
  • (2008-06-05)
  • As Jojoen is my favorite yakiniku spot, I decided to try another of its locations. The karubi sets are simply amazing and every bite tastes unbelievable. The service and quality were the same and I noticed only a few small, insignificant details (that only I would notice). First was the price difference in the karubi lunch set. It was only 1500 yen compared to the 1600 yen in Ikebukuro. Secon... Read More

Other reviews of the same chain

  • Jojoen Yugentei
  • (2008-09-07)
  • I love meet and I love Yakiniku. I can't help but wanting to eat Yakiniku atleast once aweek ;) I've been to all JOJOEN around tokyo and all of them were nice and good...

  • Jojoen: Ikebukuro
  • (2008-04-28)
  • The lunch special at Jyojyo En was so amazing I was ready to do the whole thing again when it ended. I ordered the Karubi Lunch special for about 1700yen. Along with the karubu beef slices, I got a salad, rice, kimuchi, soup, and a tofu dish. In front of me on the grill I cooked the karubi meat and then dipped it into the sauce which is made by the restaurant. The sauce is also amazing. The s... Read More

  • Jojoen Yugentei
  • (2007-10-10)
  • For meat lovers, Jojoen is a sweet sweet spot. The restaurant offers top-notch meat, and the grilling equipment is unbelievably good. One of the things that I usually don't like at yakiniku restaurants is that the grills are either too hot and burn the meat, or are otherwise not hot enough to caramelize the outside. Jojoen, however, clearly invested a fair amount of money to fit their tables with ... Read More

  • Jojoen: Ikebukuro
  • (2007-07-19)
  • I came to this fourth floor restaurant in Ikebukuro for lunch and did not leave disappointed. I came in and was lucky enough not to wait for table and was seated in a booth right next to the entrance. The menu had parts in English, and parts that were not, but since there were large pictures next to each item, it was easy enough to figure out what would be good. The waitress did not speak English ... Read More
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