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Hinaiya 比内や Yakitori / Shimbashi

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  • Hinaiya
  • (2007-06-21)
  • More common for dinner parties, Hinai-ya is a terrific place, even if it’s just for lunch. Located on the 8th floor, it is a dimly lit restaurant nicely furnished and carries an atmosphere that is great for conversation. I went during lunch and it was not exceptionally crowded, but I was seated right away at the counter in front of the chiefs, but was separated from them by a piece of glass. The entire menu was in Japanese and the waiter did not speak English either. I was recommended by my friend to get kyukyoku no oyakodon (means best oyakodon), a beef dish served over rice with egg. I received my food extremely fast and was quite surprised at how good my food was. Every bit of it was scrumptious and had a taste I was not expecting. The egg gave it a special taste I was not anticipating, but I really liked it. Even though Hinai-ya is more of a dinner restaurant, the lunch was very good and fairly cheap, only 1,200 yen.
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