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Torishige 鳥重 Yakitori / Shibuya

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On the north side of Shibuya Station, there’s a corner called ‘Nonbee Alley’ where the atmosphere of the Showa Era seems to hang in the air. Right around the middle of that alley is where you’ll find this shop. This small shop opened in Showa 26, and has a capacity of about 10 people. At this old shop you’re able to savor the unchanged atmosphere of an older Japan. It’s always been a pretty popular place, to the extent that it attracts customers from all over the country. Maybe a little too popular; these days it’s necessary to have three alternate reservation times (for example, 6 o’clock, 7:30, and 9 PM). They can’t communicate in English, so you’ll have to do your best to make your reservations in Japanese. Their kabobs are unusually large; three are more than enough to fill up one person.

Categories Yakitori , Izakaya
Nearest Station Shibuya
Address Nonbei-Yokocho 1-25-10 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3407-3820
Occasion Good for Solo, Group

1 Review for Torishige

  • Torishige
  • (2007-09-18)
  • This small restaurant, crammed into the crowded Nonbei Street is just that, exceptionally crowded. The restaurant is by reservation only because it is not the sort of place where you can easily walk in and out. I went there with my friend and basically had to sit half off of a bench with my legs outside the restaurant because it was so cramped. I decided to stand most of the time because it was ... Read More

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