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Torishige 鳥重 Yakitori / Shibuya

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  • Torishige
  • (2007-09-18)
  • This small restaurant, crammed into the crowded Nonbei Street is just that, exceptionally crowded. The restaurant is by reservation only because it is not the sort of place where you can easily walk in and out.
    I went there with my friend and basically had to sit half off of a bench with my legs outside the restaurant because it was so cramped. I decided to stand most of the time because it was not very comfortable. The lady that runs the place is exceptionally sweet and everyone calls her “Okason” (mother). There was no menu what so ever so I relied on my friend to order for us and he came through with flying colors. Everything we ate was exceptionally good, despite however difficult it was to eat it. We ordered several different chicken meats and an order of raw chicken liver that was very good. Everyone in the restaurant, 11 of us, ate about the same things at all the same time because she only takes reservations for at 6, 8, and 10. After everyone finished their meat, we were given Japanese pickles and then a soup. The pickles and soup were the two things I was not particularly fond of.
    At the end, we were both blown away by how cheap everything was. For a beer and all our food, for two people it was only 3,000 yen. We loved how good everything was but just did not like how we had to eat it. The whole thing was laughable but still a good experience, I just do not plan on returning.
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