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Magatani carries a wide variety of Japanese antiques that go as far back as the early Edo period all the way through early Showa. All items are handmade. They have English speakers on staff. VISA and MASTER credit cards are available.

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Nearest Station Kamiyacho
Address 5-10-13, Toranomon, Minato-ku Tokyo
Telephone 03-3433-6321
Business Hours Monday-Friday 10:00am-6:00pm; Sat 10:00am-5:00pm; Closed Sun & Holidays
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  • Art Plaza Magatani is a family business in its fourth generation. Magatani Shichinosuke entered the trade in 1897, and the knowledge has accumulated and passed on ever since.

    Just like our shop has withstood the rigors of time, the craftsmen of Japan produced goods with superb technique that were designed to make an impression on posterity. This care shows, and that is why the crafts of old Japan are so highly regarded worldwide.

    These products are no doubt works of art, but we also believe that you must experience them in your day-to-day life to fully appreciate them. Japanese crafts blend harmoniously into today's lifestyles and add warmth to modern interiors.

  • We carry the works of nameless masters of the Edo, Meiji and Taisho eras, ranging between 50 to 200 years ago. We have gathered them from all parts of Japan, and have a generous stock apart from what is displayed in our showroom.

    Japan has become famous for its manga and anime art, which show the artistic sensibilities of our country. We look forward to your visit so we can show you the origins of these sensibilities and the artistic ways of the past. If you see something you like, let us know and we can show you other items in the same style. You will be bringing back to life the works of nameless masters of the past.

Wa-dansu are Japanese-style wooden storage chests that were indispensable in daily life. This style is still alive today, and its origins can be traced back to the Edo period.

Funa-dansu During the Edo period, most goods were transported by sea. Cargo ships navigated these routes and were loaded by special sea chests called funa dansu. Of compact constructions, these chests fit snugly in narrow spaces and are solid enough to withstand rough sea voyages. Extravagant decoration was used for identification and to make an impression when unloading. The advent of railroads led to their gradual disappearance.

Cho-dansu A solid chest like funa dansu. Displayed at the entrance of commercial establishments, they were intended to show the stability and wealth of the business. Typically they are decorated with intricate patterns, reflecting the owner's individuality.

Kuruma-dansu A cho-dansu on wheels. Portability was one of the main considerations, and many of them have elaborate carved and decorated front panels. Styles difer from region to region.

Isho-dansu These chests were originally designed for the rich or entertainers who wanted elaborate wardrobes. The original constructions opened outwards like a gate, but the design has changed with time. There are numerous regional styles, and the decorations can be more elaborate than cho-dansu, or include metalwork that is more complex than kuruma-dansu. During mid-Meiji, these wardrobes were a common addition to a bride's dowery.

  • Every piece of handicraft is unique.
    If there is a certain type of item you want, we have the capability to search throughout Japan for you.
    We are willing to negotiate special arrangements with those in the antique trade.

12 Reviews for Art Plaza Magatani

  • Art Plaza Magatani
  • (2021-04-08)

  • Art Plaza Magatani
  • (2021-02-17)

  • Art Plaza Magatani
  • (2020-12-23)

  • Art Plaza Magatani
  • (2020-10-17)

  • Art Plaza Magatani
  • (2020-08-03)

  • Art Plaza Magatani
  • (2020-03-11)

  • Art Plaza Magatani
  • (2019-11-20)

  • Art Plaza Magatani
  • (2019-11-01)

  • Art Plaza Magatani
  • (2019-04-23)

  • Magatani-the best!
  • (2014-05-11)
  • Magatani San is a very knowledgeable and kind person who has been in the antique business all his life. He and his lovely wife run this downsized store on Toranomon, Kamiyacho area, and we have been shopping there for at least 17 years. The shop is filled with fine antiques both high end and and some cheaper popular objects, but essentially his quality items are authentic and mostly 100 years ol... Read More

  • Art Plaza Magatani
  • (2012-10-24)
  • The man in the shop is plain rude. The shop itself is more boric a brat than antique. Mostly they sell bits of old junk.

  • Art Plaza Magatani
  • (2007-06-26)
  • This antiques store has everything. The store is like a typical antiques store, full of clutter from wall to wall. The Art Plaza Magatani has Japanese relics reaching far back into history, both the mundane and interesting. They have pots and dressers with Samurai and Buddha figurines on top. The store has old samurai armor and ancient tea sets. Everything is labeled in both English and Japanese a... Read More

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Art Plaza Magatani
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