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Tokyo Midtown 東京ミッドタウン Shopping Malls / Roppongi

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Tokyo Midtown opened its doors in 2007 and is a mixed-use development in Roppongi. The main tower has important companies as its tenants, such as Yahoo, Fuji Xerox, a clinic by Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Ritz Carlton Hotel. The shopping and dining areas are home to numerous world-famous brands and chefs. The complex is also home to Design Sight 21_21, which is a design gallery and workshop conceived by fashion designer Issay Miyake and world-famous architect Tadao Ando.

Categories Shopping Malls , Landmarks & Historical Places , Architecture
Nearest Station Roppongi
Address 9-7-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku , Tokyo
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12 Reviews for Tokyo Midtown

  • Tokyo Midtown
  • (2019-09-02)

  • Tokyo Midtown
  • (2014-06-26)
  • One stop place to dine, shop, stay at the Ritz- buy Japanese souvenirs, sake, and have afternoon tea! Great place to spend a cool afternoon on a hot summer day!

  • Tokyo Midtown
  • (2011-08-18)
  • Nice place to go when the weather outside is bad. The restaurants upstairs in the Galleria were too expensive and the restaurants in the basement were too crowded, but I managed to find a nice quiet nook to have a small sandwich and iced tea at the Idee Shop which had a great view of people coming and going. Found a ton of presents for people which was fun.

tokyo lady
  • Tokyo Midtown
  • (2010-10-19)
  • A comfortable and spacious facility which includes a 24 hour supermarket and Dean & Deluca in the basement. It is wonderful to visit around Christmas when they have all of the lights (Exit through the basement to get to the park).

  • Tokyo Midtown
  • (2010-03-21)
  • Adore this place. Can be perceived as a bit pretentious at first, but you can do all from shopping, have a glass of wine, indulge with the various chocolatiers, and great dinners at Tokyo Midtown. Classy, aesthetically pleasing, and peaceful, I come here to buy my gifts or just relax and unwind.

  • Tokyo Midtown
  • (2009-01-28)
  • It's taller than Roppongi Hills by a couple of meters. Who says size doesn't matter? While they may not have the city night view (the top floors are obscenely expensive condos, not tourist attractions), they do have some great bars/restaurants in the area. It's only a night spot if you like taking walks in the park or having a relaxing glass of wine at a restaurant. The only club-like atmosphe... Read More

  • Tokyo Midtown
  • (2008-11-29)
  • I am not keen on here, we have too much shopping centre in Tokyo!! I am getting bored of it. But some events are pretty cool! They invited Enya for Xmas light up celemony.WoW! Also they had Festival France Glamour, and invited Sebastien Tellier and Pauline Croze and free gig!!( WoW WoW!), so it is worth to keep your eyes open!!Range of shops are fairly reasonable compared with Roppongi hills. ... Read More

  • Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi
  • (2008-11-20)
  • Midtown, located a 10-minute walk from Roppongi and situated directly over the Oedo-line Roppongi station, is the newest addition to the rebirth of Roppongi that is now in progress. Contained in this area, the size of a city block, is several floors of excellent shopping, including one floor mostly dedicated to home furnishings; excellent cooking shops including a Dean and Deluca and ABC Cooking S... Read More

  • Tokyo Midtown
  • (2008-11-18)
  • MidTown has a lot of cool stuff in it: A cooking school with drop in classes; a pet grooming center where you can watch dogs getting groomed, a food court with lots of selection, a971, with 500 yen beers in a classy environment; lots of restaurant choices; some really exciting shopping (such as the world's most expensive chocolatier) and the Ritz Carlton, which is the home of what might be the mos... Read More

  • Lush greenery. beautiful. good date place?
  • (2008-10-11)
  • Pure love!! looking at the map of the area located at the entrance of the park, it stretched in an L-shape around the area. I didn't actually go inside the complex, but enjoyed the massive parks instead. i'm pretty sure i was in hinakicho park, since i didn't see a basketball court (which i hear is in midtown garden). there were some futuristic looking art pieces sitting in the middle of the law... Read More

  • Tokyo Midtown
  • (2007-07-07)
  • It is a nice Thursday afternoon in downtown Tokyo, not too hot and neither raining. We visited the just finished and opened Tokyo Midtown Complex located around the Premium Akasaka and Roppongi Area of downtown Tokyo. The first thing that will surprise you when you reach the complex is how high classed the place is designed and fashioned. Entering through the front entrance you feel like being in ... Read More

  • Tokyo Midtown
  • (2007-06-23)
  • Tokyo midtown opened its doors in March 2007 and added the third leg to what has been called the art triangle of roppongi (the other two legs are the the National Art Center and the Mori Arts Center at Roppongi Hills). Whereas Roppongi Hills is futuristic and boasts a design full of glass and metal, Tokyo Midtown is more quiet and focuses on green spaces and incorporating wood into the archite... Read More

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