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Tsuki no Yu 月の湯 Sento (Public Bath) / Sugamo

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Small sento located near Nishigahara Yonchome. Features one large hot bath, one small hot bath and one cold bath. Keep a look out for tsuki-chan the cat who sits at the front desk.

Categories Sento (Public Bath)
Nearest Station Takinogawa-itchome
Address 4-29-1 nishigahara kita-ku tokyo
Price Admission: 450

1 Review for Tsuki no Yu

  • Tsuki no Yu
  • (2012-07-13)
  • Tsuki no Yu (Moon Bath) is a nice quiet sento with friendly staff. This sento has one large hot bath which includes several jets, one smaller sized bath with rotating sent (tea, haze, flowers, etc). The baths were hot but not enough that they couldn't be enjoyed after getting used to the temperature. The highlight was the bath's mascot Tsuki-chan (moon) the cat. Who was very friendly to anyone who... Read More
  • Sakura
  • Super Sentos
  • ( Sugamo )
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