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Hakusan Jinja 白山神社 Shrines / Komagome

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The Hakusan Shrine holds a "Hydrangea Festival" ("Ajisai Matsuri") every year during the first weeks of June. About 3000 hydrangea bushes delight the senses.

Categories Shrines
Nearest Station Hakusan
Address 5-31-26 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku , Tokyo

1 Review for Hakusan Jinja

  • Hakusan Jinja
  • (2007-06-13)
  • The Hakusan Shinto shrine has a really nice feel to it. It's in a relatively quiet Tokyo neighborhood, and the path up towards the shrine is lined with cafes and pretty green lanterns for Matsuri. I got the feeling that the shrine functioned as the village park for the locals - lots of older people and a few young families were strolling around. There's a clearing where a man was performing with h... Read More
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