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Hie Jinja 日枝神社 Shrines / Tameikesanno

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The Hie Jinja was originally constructed as the protectorate diety for the Edo Castle. Monkeys are one of the themes of the shrine; there is a statue of a married pair of monkeys, and the shrine celebrates marital harmony and fertility. The "Mountain King Festival" (San'o- matsuri), held every year in mid june, is one of the three great Edo Festivals.

Categories Shrines
Nearest Station Tameike-sanno
Address 2-10-5 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku , Tokyo
Telephone 03-3581-2471
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours 5:00am-6:00pm

7 Reviews for Hie Jinja

  • Hie Jinja
  • (2021-01-06)

  • Hie Jinja
  • (2021-01-05)

  • Hie Jinja
  • (2020-08-30)

  • Hie Jinja
  • (2020-08-08)

  • Hie Jinja
  • (2020-03-18)

  • Hie Jinja
  • (2007-10-02)
  • Located in downtown Akasaka, Hie is one of the largest shrines I have been to yet. It's on a hill, partially isolating it from the surrounding city. Hie Jinja sports the usually shrine accouterments-lots of Torii (gates, often painted bright red), a hand washing area, a bell to tug if you feel the need to offer up a prayer, and quite a few connecting buildings, including a charm shop where you can... Read More

  • Hie Jinja
  • (2007-10-02)
  • This Shrine is a large, rather beautiful shrine in Akasaka. The torii (gate) that is visible from the street easily marks the Hien Shrine from its urban surroundings. However, this is just the back entrance. Going through the front you must go up several stone steps that reveal another torii and a large courtyard. While this is a popular place to eat lunch because of the foliage, it is also a mass... Read More

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